TraceGains Networked Product Development Suite Video


Accelerate Every Stage of New Product Development with One Platform

TraceGains orchestrates product development from concept through production, accelerating research, recipe iteration, claims verification, and change management. Go from manual processes to automated results for better, faster innovation. 

With TraceGains Networked Product Development Suite companies will:

  • Gain a unified view of products, data, and processes across the business and throughout the supply chain, no matter how complex or dispersed.
  • Achieve more informed, cost-effective ingredient and material research choices, and significantly reduce product development timelines.
  • Digitally model recipe variants with real ingredient and supplier data to meet cost, nutrition, allergen, and claims targets before physical trial testing.
  • Automate version control with roll-back capabilities to instantly find current and past product details with all documentation, recipe variants, and information exchange digitally tracked for a complete audit trail. 

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