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TraceGains Network is comprised of more than 6,500 suppliers, operating over 11,000 locations, in 62 countries, with a growing library of 200,000 discoverable documents.

TraceGains’ customers accelerate product time to market and boost regulatory compliance performance. Suppliers are significantly aided in their daily work by working within one common user interface for many of their customers, completing questionnaires once and leveraging our PostOnce technology to automatically share those documents with all necessary customers.

Additionally, customers can leverage TraceGains Network for supplier location mapping, sourcing of new ingredients and suppliers, and visualized risk scoring on a global map. Suppliers save time and effort by easily fulfilling duplicate document request from different suppliers in just a few minutes.

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Common Interface

TraceGains Network helps every participant become productive and effective in rapid time. Rather than having to maintain accounts on multiple portals, customers and their suppliers benefit from staying on the same platform to achieve their document exchange needs.


Performing clerical task manually is inefficient, especially when it comes to document filing and retrieving. With TraceGains Network, suppliers can manage all their customer-requested documentation in one place, and easily fulfill document and information requests with the click of a mouse.


Reinventing the wheel has stopped. TraceGains has developed standardized industry forms (e.g., Allergen, Nutrition, etc.), that all customers can use. No longer will suppliers be bombarded with multiple requests in myriad formats for the same information. Everybody saves time, and everybody wins.


The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), for example, requires that certain documents come from the specific facility where an item is manufactured. Using TraceGains Network, Suppliers and customers can assure that the documentation request is made to the correct facility, and received from the same.


By leveraging Transport Layer Security (TLS) all document uploads and exchanges via TraceGains Network are secure and confidential by being encrypted throughout the entire process. Data are backed up throughout the day (and night), and stored both locally and remotely for quick and easy recovery.


Suppliers are in complete control over which customers get to access what documents, down to the item level (e.g., allergen information for a specific product), with the ability to completely shut off all access to documentation by any TraceGains customer.


Any supplier who wishes to increase their marketing reach benefits from voluntarily, and free of charge, listing their items in the TraceGains Directory, which TraceGains customers use to source new vendors and products.


Duplicate data entry is a laborious and error-prone task. With PostOnceTM, TraceGains has revolutionized the exchange of data and information between suppliers and customers. Suppliers can post their documents, or complete any standardized online form, and any TraceGains customer who needs that same information will automatically receive it, saving both sides time and effort.

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TraceGains Network provides users with a massive directory of valuable industry information. Users receive instant access to a comprehensive directory of suppliers and ingredients

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