Invite your suppliers to TGCon with a special $25 supplier discount code. 

For every 5 suppliers that register with your company code, your company receives 1 free customer conference pass for TGCon 2019 ($699 value!)


 Download a Supplier Invite Email

How does it work? 

You will be given a unique code along with a TGCON supplier invitation.

The code is for a $25 supplier registration discount for either the Day 1 Workshop ($299) or the Full Conference Pass ($699). Suppliers can only use one discount code per registration. 

TraceGains will track the supplier discount codes used. When a code is used five times, the associated company will receive a free customer conference pass to TGCon 2019.  

5 codes = 1 pass | 10 codes = 2 passes | 15 codes = 3 passes | etc. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my code?

All codes are emailed to the TraceGains main users. Please reach out directly to if you need your company’s code.

What if I already paid for my TGCon pass?

If you have already paid, but qualify later on then TraceGains will refund your pass payment.

Can suppliers use the same code for multiple registrations?

A supplier company may use the same code for multiple registrations and each use counts towards your five. There is only one code use per registration.

What if a supplier receives codes from multiple customers?

The $25-off discount codes can not be combined. There is one code use per registration. We recommend you invite suppliers immediately so that your suppliers use your code.

What if my company is also a supplier company?

If your company is also a supplier company that uses TraceGains Network then you are welcome to use the discount code. However, the code is only applicable to supplier training sessions, not the full customer conference. Uses applied to your own account will not count towards the five registrations for a complimentary pass.

Please contact for any further questions!