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TGCon 2018 was unforgettable.
Thank you!
"My favorite part of TGCon is all the information. This year it's a little deeper. It's more forward and progressive and more on the level that I'm at."
Malik Fultz | Bimbo QSR
What made TGCon 2018 so special?

Interactive Product Trainings

Sessions taught by TraceGains Customer Success Managers and subject matter experts utilized an interactive activity site. Attendees experienced hands-on training in this demo play site and were able to ask questions step-by-step.

We Invited Suppliers

Suppliers were invited for the first time to experience training on the TraceGains Network interface. Customers and Suppliers joined forces on a "Common Ground" panel to discuss mutual challenges and how to overcome them together. Suppliers will be invited for a full-day of training in 2019!

Business Strategy Sessions

TraceGains is a powerful tool that can be applied to solve many business challenges. Attendees were trained on how to use the tools they already have to increase ROI with CARs, track unique data trends with dashboards, and approach risk from a holistic perspective.

Networking & Fun

Interacting with the TraceGains community to discover new ways to solve problems or discuss what changes are in-store are one of the many reasons attendees return every year. Oh and the great party that happens every night!

  • Watch sessions from "Business Strategy Day" at TGCon 2018!

John K. Coyle | Keynote Speaker



Liz Salvo | ESHA Genesis Research



Bob Hudson & Dana Downing




"I'm already planning on coming to TGCon 2019. All the enhancements TraceGains is constantly doing, you want to come and you want to experience the conference so that you can continue to grow and develop."
Mark Park | US Bakery