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Supplier Management

    Supplier Management Software

    TraceGains Supplier Management software provides streamlined information management with unique access to custom dashboards for Allergens, Organic, Nutrition and countless other critical documents so you can be ready for any audit at any time.

    Optimize Audit Management with TraceGains

    Optimize Audit Management

    TraceGains offers a seamless audit management experience, allowing you to quickly and easily organize and manage all of your supplier and item-level documentation. Our proven system has enabled our customers to decrease their audit preparation time from several days to hours, allowing them to be ready for any audit at any time. GFSI, FSMA, HACCP, or customer audits? TraceGains has your back.

    Streamline Supplier Approval and Onboarding with TraceGains

    Streamline Supplier Approval & Onboarding

    TraceGains maintains the cleanliness of your documentation by automatically requesting necessary documents (e.g., annual audits, FDA facility registration number, C-TPAT) from new suppliers. You and your team will have the confidence and security in knowing that all required documents are on file and compliant with your business requirements.

    Requalify Existing Suppliers with TraceGains

    Requalify Existing Suppliers

    Most required supplier documentation expires. With TraceGains, you have the automated support to inform suppliers when updated documents must be resubmitted. TraceGains automatically initiates communication with your suppliers to proactively keep documents up to date.

    eNotifications to Suppliers

    Customize eNotifications

    TraceGains allows you to configure automatic, electronic notifications (eNotifications) for any event relating to supplier data and performance. These are fully customizable and can be configured and sent to any stakeholder, either internal personnel, external partners, or both.

    Conduct Supplier Risk Analyses and Reporting with TraceGains

    Conduct Supplier Risk Analyses & Reporting

    TraceGains isn’t just a hub for your supplier documentation, we make this data and information actionable for turnkey risk reporting. Whether you’re adhering to recordkeeping requirements for the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP), or need to evaluate supplier performance and risk quickly and efficiently, TraceGains helps ensure your approved suppliers provide ingredients that meet those requirements and are in compliance with your business needs. With TraceGains, you can run customized dashboards and reports based on information within your supplier documentation, and share these reports with any department that needs them.

    Utilize Standardized ActionForms with TraceGains

    Utilize Standardized Online Forms

    Our Online Forms are helping to revolutionize the industry by standardizing your typical supplier questionnaires (e.g., allergen, country of origin (COO), nutrition, risk). TraceGains extracts this data and imports it into the system, which in turn allows you to easily power any dashboard or reports necessary.

    Enhance Document Sharing

    Enhance Document Sharing

    Your responsibilities often involve the sharing of information, not just the collection of it. With TraceGains, you can easily share your documents with any of your customers or stakeholders.

    TraceGains Network

    Access TraceGains Network

    TraceGains Network is the food industry’s premier online collaborative platform. Via TraceGains Network, suppliers can send required documentation to their customers using TraceGains’ powerful technology, thereby eliminating the manual process of sending documents to each supplier, one-by-one. Industry professionals using TraceGains Network can access a directory of suppliers and ingredients, collaborate with fellow professionals, and so much more. This unique platform is free of charge to your suppliers and comes ready to use with your implementation of our Supplier Management software.

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    TraceGains’ Supplier Management software is powerful alone, and even better with our additional solutions.

    Each TraceGains product can work independently as a standalone solution, or run side-by-side with one another to help give you the ultimate food safety program.


    Supplier Compliance (SC)

    Extend inventory visibility all the way to suppliers’ shipping docks.


    Quality Management (QM)

    Get real-time, actionable data regarding your plant floor and operations.


    Spec Publishing (SP)

    Create, maintain, and publish your company’s unique specifications.


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