Reinforce Regulatory Compliance by Automating & Streamlining Supplier Relations

TraceGains’ Supplier Compliance software is more than just an electronic hub for your supplier documentation – it extends inventory visibility all the way to suppliers’ shipping docks.

From the time you place a purchase order to the moment you prepare items for production, our Supplier Compliance software evaluates the performance and compliance of products from all of your suppliers, lot by lot.

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Combat Non-Compliance

TraceGains offers customers an invaluable early-warning system, so your team can be proactive when it comes to identifying and addressing any issues with an incoming shipment.

Our Supplier Compliance software automatically reads and digitizes all incoming COAs, evaluates them against your specifications, and alerts you and your suppliers to any non-conformances. This ultimately reduces the risk of non-compliance and out-of-spec inventory, saving you time and money.

Simplify Compliance

TraceGains reduces instances of non-compliance and keeps your company 365 Audit Ready™.

By promoting transparency, you can easily monitor the quality of suppliers’ products and lot shipments to certify they’re compliant with your pre-defined business rules.

Maintain Clean & Accurate Records

Both FSMA and GFSI encourage – or even require – more stringent record-keeping and proactive methods.

Increasingly, companies want all incoming COAs to be examined for compliance with food safety needs. Supplier Compliance helps streamline that process and takes the drudgery out of a labor-intensive and error-prone process.

Corrective Action Requests

You can quickly and easily send Corrective Actions and Supplier Corrective Action Requests (CARs/SCARs) to your suppliers should an issue arise.


The SpecAssist dashboard can help automate the process of defining your specification ranges based on historical data. The result? Specs grounded in both your needs and real-world practicalities.

Automatic Scorecarding

TraceGains’ Supplier Compliance software automatically scorecards supplier performance based on your unique product and ingredient specifications, so that you’re always in the know on who best supports your requirements. You can even share the results with your suppliers if you wish.

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