20/20 Vision Lot By Lot

With TraceGains® Supplier Compliance, you can quickly and easily evaluate performance of products from all of your suppliers, lot by lot, from purchase order to production, extending 20/20 inventory visibility all the way to suppliers’ shipping docks.

Supplier Compliance acts as your early warning system, so you can be proactive when it comes to identifying issues with any incoming shipment and greatly reduce out-of-spec inventory.

The Power of Supplier Compliance is Unsurpassed

Automatically Reads and Digitizes All Incoming CoAs

  • Automate the validation of inbound Certificates of Analysis (CoAs)
    • Evaluates CoAs against existing specifications
    • Alerts you and your suppliers (if you wish) to any nonconformances
  • Comply with FSMA and GFSI
    • Examines CoAs for compliance with FSMA and GFSI food safety requirements

Trace Issues & Complaints Across All Suppliers

  • Track and report any issues that happen at
    • Receiving (e.g., incorrect seals on trailers, damaged containers)
    • Quality (e.g., sample tests, preventative maintenance, sanitation)
    • Plant Floor (e.g., contaminated materials, fill weights)

Send out Corrective Action Requests

  • Quickly and easily send Corrective Actions and Supplier Corrective Action Requests (CARs/SCARs)

Define Product Specifications with SpecAssist™

  • SpecAssist™ dashboard can help automate the process of defining your specification ranges based on historical data

Drive Supplier Performance with Automatic Scorecarding

  • Automatically scorecard supplier performance based on your own product and ingredient specifications

Receive Instant Alerts (eNotifications)

  • Configure automatic notifications whenever a nonconformance is detected by the system

Single Sign-On

  • Access all of your TraceGains applications with one set of login credentials via SAML 2.0

Are you ready to improve your vision into your supply chain and increase compliance?