You're in Control: Set & Publish Specifications That are Right for Your Business

TraceGains® Specification Publishing empowers companies to easily set and maintain unique specifications, rather than utilize supplier-provided specifications, and allows teams to quickly publish those specifications to vendors.

Not sure what your specifications should be? Our SpecAssist technology provides a baseline for creating the best possible specifications for your company, considering key factors such as:

☑ Historical data
☑ Customer requirements
☑ Your own input and judgement
☑ Practical limits of your supplier's capabilities

We make it easy to set your specifications and cruise.

TraceGains Specification Publishing Doesn’t Stop There...

Create Unique Specifications with Specification Assist (SpecAssist™)

Compare to Existing Specification

  • For customers already leveraging Supplier Compliance through TraceGains, we automatically extract relevant data upon receipt of a Certificate of Analysis (CoAs) and compare to your existing specifications
  • Continuous monitoring completes the cycle ,ensuring the most recent version of all published specifications are being utilized

Easy Publishing

  • Automatically publish full specifications to all your suppliers

Full Business Compliance

  • Automatically compare lab results against what the supplier stated on the CoA

Everything in One Convenient Place

  • Maintain all specifications in one location, giving you one version of the truth for sharing internally or externally

Single Sign-On

  • Access all of your TraceGains applications with one set of login credentials via SAML 2.0

Ready to take control of your specifications and drive this process?