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Specification Publishing

    Why Specification Publishing from TraceGains?

    Be Comprehensive with Your Product Specifications

    Managing item specifications is critical to your business. TraceGains empowers companies to easily set and maintain unique specifications, rather than utilize supplier-provided specifications, and allows teams to quickly publish those specifications to vendors.

    Easily Manage Your Specifications

    Even if you have developed your own specifications, often because those are maintained in legacy or static environments such as Word and Excel, they remain difficult to manage and communicate to stakeholders.

    Create Unique Specifications

    Create Unique Specifications

    TraceGains’ Specification Assist report provides quick historical data that can be used as guidance and a baseline for creating your own specifications. You can then factor in historical data, customer requirements, your judgment, and the practical limits of your supplier’s capabilities to create the best possible specifications for your company.

    Compare Specifications

    Compare to Existing Specification

    For customers who are already leveraging Supplier Compliance through TraceGains, upon receipt of a Certificate of Analysis (COAs), we automatically extract relevant data and compare them to your existing specifications.

    Easy Specification Publishing

    Easy Publishing

    Automatically publish full specifications to all your suppliers. This ensures that vendors are always informed and aware of changes, negating the need for version or revision control.

    Specifications in One Convenient Place

    Everything in One Convenient Place

    Specification Publishing allows you to maintain all your specifications in one convenient place, giving you one version of the truth for sharing your specifications internally as well as externally. You can even provide read-only access to certain internal users that need this information but are not permitted to make changes.

    Continuous Specification Monitoring

    Continuous Monitoring

    To complete the cycle, inbound COAs continue to be processed automatically, monitoring for supplier compliance with the most recent version of all published specifications.

    Full Business Compliance for Specifications

    Full Business Compliance

    TraceGains additionally offers the capability to automatically compare lab results against what the supplier stated on the COA, further ensuring supplier compliance with regulatory and business needs. All of this data is then available for trending and supplier scorecarding.

    Supplier Management

    Pair it with Supplier Management

    Companies that also leverage Supplier Management are further empowered to assess a vendor’s business-worthiness. Supplier Management automatically assesses if all other required documents—e.g., MSDS, HACCP, insurance, allergen, Kosher, GMO/non-GMO—are on file and current as well, ensuring that even if a receipt is in compliance, the supplier itself is fully compliant with all other business requirements.

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