Be Specific with Your Product Specifications

Managing item specifications is critical to your business. TraceGains empowers companies to easily set and maintain unique specifications. Teams can then quickly publish those specifications to vendors and communicate to stakeholders with ease.

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Ensure Full Supplier Compliance

Your team can ensure suppliers are complying with your set specifications by automatically comparing lab results against what the supplier stated on the COA. All of this data is then available for trending and supplier scorecarding.

Find Everything in One Convenient Place

TraceGains’ Specification Publishing allows you to maintain all your specifications in one convenient place, so you can easily share them internally and externally.

Keep Everyone Informed

Automatically publish full specifications to all of your suppliers so that vendors are always informed and aware of changes, negating the need for costly revisions.

Track Critical Information

When paired with Supplier Management, Specification Publishing users can use customizable dashboards to track allergen information, country of origin, kosher requirements, organic documentation, and more.

Create Specifications

TraceGains’ SpecAssistTM report provides quick historical data that can be used as a guiding baseline for creating your own specifications.

Continuously Monitor Supplier Compliance

Our software automatically processes inbound COAs, monitoring for supplier compliance with the most recent version of all published specifications.

Ensure quality and continuity along your supply chain

We'll show you how you can control quality with unique supplier specifications.

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