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Networked Specification Management

Most companies we talk to are still relying on a combination of spreadsheets, shared drives, and if they’re lucky, sluggish databases to manage specifications. These tools make it nearly impossible to track progress and understand status. If you’re managing specifications like this in your business, there’s a better way.

With the enormous amount of data required for every specification, we decided to make it easier for you. In the food, beverage, and supplement markets we serve, companies find that on average, 75 percent of their suppliers are already on TraceGains Network. And with our Specification Management solution, you simply connect to your suppliers and items on TraceGains Network and gain instant access to all that data to speed up your specification process. You no longer have to track down suppliers and ask for information and documents, because you already have what you need. We call it networked specification management and we're the only solution on the market that does it.

With Networked Specification Management from TraceGains, you can:

  • Centralize specifications in a single platform
  • Author, publish, and update raw material, and finished goods specifications
  • Streamline and automate internal and external stakeholder collaboration with automated workflows and alerts
  • Edit sections and attributes of standard specification templates and all changes automatically cascade to all impacted specifications for automated change management
  • Digitize everything from raw materials to packaging to finished goods specifications, then use the data to power configurable dashboards and reports to determine compliance against label claims, nutrition targets, thresholds (like Prop 65 Lead amounts), and country of origin  
  • Version IDs and date stamps create a complete annotated history of changes for automated version control and a full audit trail
  • Choose which suppliers can access shared specifications, allowing them to author or edit, review read-only sections, add comments, attach documents, negotiate attributes, and approve or decline specifications

Sound complicated? It's not. Submit a demo request today and we'll show you how networked Specification Management can streamline your business processes.