TraceGains Smart Alerts

The increased globalization of ingredient sourcing has made it even harder for companies to weed out the growing crowd of bad actors. Economic adulteration, food fraud, and other incidents can pop up anywhere along the supply chain. These issues slow down Food, Beverage, and dietary supplements companies. TraceGains built one integrated picture to make it easier to manage suppliers, ingredients, and supply chain risk.

Smart Alerts offers a comprehensive taxonomy that integrates hundreds of data sources to deliver precise sourcing fast. Users can research by commodity, country of origin, type of threat, supplier, date of the event, and more.

Staying up to date is easier than ever with automatic alerts for key ingredients and formulas, along with daily system updates on new and emerging issues. Integrated with other TraceGains solutions, companies can continuously monitor and manage supply chain risk in one system. Users can also quickly determine how regulatory limits impact new formulations and connect formulation details to global compliance requirements, allowing your regulatory team to work on the same timelines as R&D to speed up new product development.

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