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BRC Global Food Standards:
Issue 8 Key Changes

In this on-demand webinar, John Kukoly with BRC Global Standards covers the key changes in the newly published BRC Issue 8. He covers how the requirements of Issue 8 are an evolution from previous issues with continued emphasis on management commitment, HACCP-based food safety program, and supporting quality management system. Published August 1, 2018 the BRC Issue 8 will be enforced February 2019.


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BRC Top Non-conformances & How to Avoid Them

In this on-demand webinar, John Kukoly with BRC Global Standards covers the most common issues still posing a challenge for companies using the GFSI audit program. Highlights include supplier approval workflow and internal audits for traceability along with common sense and automated solutions for these challenges.

SQF Edition 8 Mid-year Review

In this on-demand webinar, Senior Technical Manager at SQFI, Krystie Grzywinski, discusses the newest edition of SQF and provides clarification and interpretations for the editions's most perplexing parts. Also covered is the FAQ along with the answers and the data from the top non-conformances. This webinar also includes a live Q&A session.

FSVP - What You Need to Know Now

In this on-demand webinar, Nancy Scharlach of Soterian Systems provides a condensed training for FSVP, covering what documents are required and what to specifically request from foreign suppliers. Examples of a FSVP plan is provided, along with tips for verification.




  Solution Spotlights

Retail Package Demonstration

This webinar showcases TraceGains software Retail Package - a combination of Supplier Management and Specifications Publishing tools that automate document collection, push specification updates out to suppliers, and simplify or automate workflows. TopCo Associates LLC, is highlighted for attaining and maintaining GFSI certification for 1,600+ suppliers increased from 9% to 95% using TraceGains.  

Customer Management Demonstration

This Solution Spotlight highlights TraceGains' Customer Management Standard (CM) solution. The CM module provides you visibility and control for all your customers' data. Want the Broker/Distributor PassThru™? Then you need Customer Management Standard!

Supplier Compliance Demonstration

This Solution Spotlight highlights TraceGains' Supplier Compliance (SC) product and demonstrates how to use the module for real-time data on your supply chain. Learn how SC acts as your early warning system and extends visibility across from purchase orders, to production, all the way to your suppliers' shipping docks. 

Quality Management Demonstration

This Solution Spotlight highlights TraceGains' Quality Management (QM) module and demonstrates how the software offers dynamic insights into your plant floor. Whether you're focused on maintaining compliance with FSMA or other regulatory guidelines, responding to customer audits, or complying with GFSI-certified programs, you can easily handle it with TraceGains' QM software.




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