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Be Ready for Sesame Allergen Enforcement

Lisa Gable

We cover the FASTER Act and new strategies for managing allergen risk to remain proactive with food allergen disclosures and how to prevent mislabeling with CEO of FARE, Lisa Gable.

August 5 | 11 AM MT

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Allergens, FASTER Act

The Recipe for PCQI Team Success

Recipe for PCQI Team Success_Speaker Template

Want to know more about the latest PCQI best practices? Tune in to hear pointers on PCQI certification and discuss how the role promotes food safety, quality, and risk protection with Nancy Schalarch of FMSA International.

August 12 | 11 AM MT

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PCQI, Food Safety Plan, FSQA

Preparing for CBD Regulation

Maggie Cowee Headshot

Find out the latest updates for CBD regulatory framework and risk considerations for food, beverage, and supplement companies looking to capitalize on this growing trend from Consultant, Maggie Cowee. 

August 26 | 11 AM MT

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CBD, Hemp, FDA, GMP, Supply

Reduce the Impact of Product Recalls

Melanie Neumann

Join Matrix Sciences EVP, Melanie Neumann as she reviews recent recall and warning letters, discusses how to create a proactive strategy, and shares the best actions to mitigate recall damages.

September 8 | 11 AM MT

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Recalls, Risk, Quality, GMP


Choosing the Right GFSI Certification Scheme

Gwenda Jarrett

Take a deep dive into GFSI fundamentals and learn what to consider when choosing a standard and how to achieve and maintain certification with Gwenda Jarrett from AIB International.

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GFSI, Audits

CPG Digital Transformation Blueprint

Gary Nowacki

Learn about the trends and requirements driving digital transformation and hear insights on how to prepare for an increasingly digital future with TraceGains CEO, Gary Nowacki.

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Achieving Remote Audit Success


Watch this webinar to learn the benefits, challenges, and successes of remote audits including how best to prepare and tools to make the process easier with AIB International's Gwenda Jarrett.

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Audits, Compliance

FDA's New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint


Learn practical steps for your team to proactively reshape your supply chain and other operations to align with emerging requirements with Jeni Lamb Rogers, Food Safety Lawyer from PSL Law Group.

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FDA, Inspection, Blueprint

Canadian Food Labeling Modernization Update

Gina Reo

Watch this overview of the SFCR requirements including compliance timelines for implementation and details on the proposed labeling amendments with Gina Reo, President of QAS.

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Labeling, FSQA

Are You Ready for SQF Edition 9 Audits?

Leann Chuboff

Hear practical tips on updating internal audit activities to align with the new SQF 9 code and how to score high on your next certification audit with LeAnn Chuboff, VP of Technical Affairs at SQFI.

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Audits, SQF, FSQA

More Inclusive Supply Chain for a Better Business

Angenetta Frison & Veronica Johnson

This panel of supplier diversity and inclusion experts, Veronica Johnson from Archer Daniels Midland and Angenetta Frison from Barilla, breaks down how to successfully structure and implement ethical procurement practices.

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Diversity, Sustainability

Preparing for the Proposed Food Traceability Rule

Bryan Armentrout

Discover how to proactively reshape your supply chain and document management processes to align with the FDA's future traceability rule requirements with Bryan Armentrout, Founder of The Food Safety Leadership Group.

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Traceability, FDA

Conquer Risk and Achieve Supply Chain Transparency


Discover strategies for developing a robust risk management program and how to gain supply chain transparency and achieve resilience in an uncertain world with FDA Attorney and leading FSMA expert Marc Sanchez.

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Risk, Supply Chain

Raise the Bar on Your Allergen Program


Become proactive about allergens and see which tools can manage allergen risk and prevent mislabeling that could lead to recalls, illnesses, or death with Lisa Gable, CEO of FARE.

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Allergens, FSQA

Bioengineered Food Disclosure


Discover the best way to collaborate with your supply chain partners to ensure compliance with the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard with Liz Salvo from ESHA Research Genesis R&D.

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Bioengineered Food

How FSQA Can Drive Innovation

Mike Labosky

Learn ways to improve and accelerate NPD processes by connecting the quality team and harnessing data with regulatory documentation with Bimbo QSR's VP of Quality Systems, Mike LaBosky.

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Health Claims Substantiation for NPD


Dive deep into FDA and FTC enforcement practices and discover ways dietary supplement companies can ease the burden of health claim substantiation with CRN's President and CEO Steve Mister.

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Claims, Labeling

New Dietary Guidelines for Americans


Learn about the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans and how brands can get in front of upcoming shifts in the market and changing consumer preferences featuring Managing Director at Ketchum, Alison Borgmeyer.

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How Private Labels Can Succeed in 2021


Discover what trends grocery label brands can expect for 2021 and beyond and how to overcome challenges to outpace the competition with Mel Bandler, Brand Retail Sustainability Manager at Fair Trade USA.

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Private Labels

Building a Culture of Food Safety


Discover the importance of developing and maintaining a food safety culture and recommendations for engaging and training your team with Bret Zaher from AIB International.

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FSQA, Culture

Six Steps to Eliminate Food Fraud


Learn the important steps to protect your business against food fraud and practices for building a risk management program that maintains compliance with AIB International Food Safety Expert Jesse Leal.

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FSQA, Supply Chain

Supply Chain Automation for B/D and Importers


Hear how leading brokers and distributors are using TraceGains to free up resources, improve customer service, and become preferred distributors with Jennifer Erickson of JM Swank and ICI Foods' Sue Huske.

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Faster NPD for Supplements Brands


Discover how Gemini Pharmaceuticals improved collaboration, accelerated R&D, digitized documentation, and achieved complete supply chain visibility with Mike Finamore, CEO of Gemini Pharmaceuticals.

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NPD, Supplements

Solve Non-Conformances for Good


Take a deep dive into root cause analysis and hear insider tips on identifying and solving non-conformances to improve future GFSI audit scores and minimize risk with BRCGS Auditor of the Year, Nadia Narine.

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FSQA, Compliance

Recalls: Ten Real World Lessons You Should Know

Bryan Armentrout

Learn what the FDA is looking for based on the latest enforcement actions, and what you can do to make sure your company avoids a costly recall with Bryan Armentrout, CEO of the Food Leadership Group.

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Recalls, FSQA

Digitization to Drive FSMA Compliance & ROI

Nancy Scharlach

Learn to fortify your FSMA program to keep pace with shifting regulatory requirements and customer demands so you're always audit-ready with Nancy Scharlach from FSMA International.

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Document Management, Audits

Staying Compliant with the Temporary FSVP Policy

James Chu

Take a deep dive into the FSVP temporary policy including current updates, how to verify suppliers remotely, and the best way to prepare for a remote FDA inspection with James Chu of John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc.

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Grocery & Private Label Retail Supply Chain Tips

Gary Nowacki & Ruben Galbraith

Hear a meaningful discussion about what retailers and store brand owners can do now to navigate market disruptions and create a resilient supply chain with TraceGains CEO Gary Nowacki and Sales Engineer Ruben Galbraith.

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Private Labels, Retail

Be Prepared for IA Rule Inspections


Learn about the IA Final Rule regulatory requirements, including details on the three vulnerability assessment methodologies with Bill Theis, founder of Quality Culture Partners.

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Supply Chain, IA

Are You Ready for BRCGS Packaging Audits?


Watch for an overview on the updates for BRCGS Packaging Issue 6, including recommended steps to prepare your management systems for future audits with John Kukoly from BRCGS.

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Chemical Food Risks: Managing Hazards

Martin Slayne

Learn the risks associated with various chemical hazards used to mitigate foodborne illnesses and how to properly assess, manage, and communicate them with regulatory expert Martin Slayne of The Hershey Co.

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Risk, NPD

Recipe for a Successful PCQI Team

Nancy Scharlach

Join FSMA International's Nancy Scharlach to learn about the roles of a PCQI team and what businesses must do to ensure a successful food safety plan.

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Using Industry Standard Data

Matthew Passannante & Ruben Galbraith
TraceGains team members Matthew Passannante and Ruben Galbraith share how supplier data and business rules inform specification data, automate supplier compliance, and eliminate supplier and ingredient risk.
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Supplier Compliance

TraceGains Networked Product Development Suite

Gary Nowacki & Ruben Galbraith

Centralize product management with the TraceGains Network Product Development suite to drive collaboration, innovation, and faster time to market with TraceGains CEO Gary Nowacki and Sales Engineer Ruben Galbraith.

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NPD, FSQA, Innovation

Solution Spotlight: Formula Management


Discover how TraceGains Formula Management allows teams to create and manage formulas and recipes for better, faster innovation with RTI Innovation Advisors Certified Food Scientist Susan Mayer.

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Formula Management

Solution Spotlight: Specification Management

Matthew Passannante & Ruben Galbraith

Discover how your team can drive innovation and quality control with a single network to create, publish, and update raw material and finished goods specifications with TraceGains Matthew Passannante and Ruben Galbraith. 

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Specification Management

Solution Spotlight: Audit Management

Dana Downing & Ruben Galbraith

Discover best practices for managing audits and tools to help your business maintain a 360-degree view of the health and risk of your supply chain with TraceGains Dana Downing and Ruben Galbraith.

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Audit Management

Solution Spotlight: Customer Management

Gary Nowacki

Learn how companies can use a single network platform to centralize, standardize, and digitize documentation for better supply chain relationships with TraceGains CEO Gary Nowacki.

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Customer Management

Solution Spotlight: Quality Management


Discover how companies can drive continuous improvement with the ability to digitally store and analyze quality control and safety data in a single system with Mike Kirsch, Sr. Food Safety, and Regulatory Manager at Fresh Mark.

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Quality Management

Solution Spotlight: Supplier Compliance

Matthew Passannante & Ruben Galbraith

Find out how businesses can connect downstream issues to specific supplier lot shipments, for supplier chargebacks, scorecarding, and rapid replacement with TraceGains Matthew Passannante and Ruben Galbraith. 

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Supplier Compliance

Solution Spotlight: Smart Alerts

Matthew Passannante & Ruben Galbraith

Learn how to monitor threats and regulatory risks throughout your supply chain in real-time, to prevent food safety issues and supply chain disruptions with TraceGains Matthew Passannante and Ruben Galbraith. 

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Smart Alerts

Solution Spotlight: Supplier Management + Market Hub

Matthew Passannante & Ruben Galbraith

See how TraceGains Supplier Management streamlines supplier qualification and sourcing by collecting and digitizing supplier documents with TraceGains Matthew Passannante and Ruben Galbraith. 

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Supplier Management

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