Putting the “Quality” Back into “Quality Management”

Our Quality Management software offers dynamic insights into your plant floor and quality operations.

Whether you’re focused on maintaining compliance with FSMA or other evolving regulatory guidelines, responding to a demanding customer audit, or complying with a GFSI-certified program, you can easily handle it with TraceGains’ Quality Management software.

Our solution provides you with a single system to house and analyze all quality data, allowing you to drive continuous improvement efficiently and effectively.

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Dynamic Information Management

TraceGains’ Quality Management solution provides you with an easy, centralized way to access all your food safety plans, workflows, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and all other critical documentation needed for your quality management system. Quality management automated management of all CCPs and PRPs using a powerful 3-step methodology: Pre-Operation, Operation, and Verify.

Streamline Corrective Actions

TraceGains’ Quality Management software ensures nothing falls through the cracks and corrective actions are quickly taken. Our software formalizes the processes of your plant so that quality issues are targeted, tracked and tackled, and a complete history of the issue is permanently recorded.

Easy Audit Prep

Fully map your GFSI standard and certification to documentation, records, and actions. When it’s time to recertify, prep for a desk audit, or move to a next higher certification schema, you can easily find and forward all prerequisite documents to auditors.

Train a Capable Workforce

Automate training checklists by employee, job function, and/or department. Instantly search and retrieve all training records, keep all information in a single location, and send automatic corrective action requests to all stakeholders when any employee is noncompliant with important training, behavioral, or safety issues.

Centralized Reporting & History

Centralized reporting and history for all your internal or external monitoring and testing. Combined with automated supplier compliance COA technology, our business rules and alerts will notify you of potential errors.

Access Real-Time Actionable Data

TraceGains’ Quality Management is an action-oriented platform providing real-time collection of data, including everything you need to ensure the safe handling, processing, and manufacturing of foods and their ingredients at your plants.

Prerequisite Testing

Quality Management software ensures that all preoperational tasks, such as sanitation or calibration, are in compliance and up to par. And if anything is out of specification, our system will automatically notify you and the appropriate personnel.

Operational Testing and Maintenance

TraceGains’ Quality Management ensures that all operational monitoring of critical control points (CCP) and prerequisite programs (PRP) are in compliance with your pre-defined specifications. If items or equipment are found to be out of spec, relevant parties will receive automatic notifications.

Pre-Shipment Signoff

Our Quality Management solution builds in an extra layer of transparency and visibility with integrated pre-shipment signoff. This ultimately reduces costs associated with waste, rework, recalls, and returns, as powerful business rules assure every critical quality process or activity has been performed and properly documented.

Access Instant Reports

User-defined dashboards let users see the information that is most relevant to them. Decision-making is improved and accelerated, allowing people to focus on solving problems instead of needing to search them out in the first place.

A Mobile-Friendly Platform

Ditch the three-ring binders and clipboards with TraceGains’ paperless Quality Management solution. Take Quality Management with you as you navigate the plant floor thanks to a mobile-friendly platform. Create a paper trail, not a trail of papers.

Reduce Cost of Poor Quality

TraceGains’ Quality Management verification and validation features allow plant supervisors to immediately locate issues, resulting in a more effectively managed plant and reducing the cost and number of items that aren’t up to quality standards.

Looking for something lighter? QM Standard may be the solution that fits just right.

Food and Beverage companies, of any size, have access to the same drag and drop technology to manage their food safety documentation as the world’s largest manufacturers using TraceGains®.

Preloaded document frameworks for common audit programs like BRC, SQF, and FSMA will guide you through the often-tedious requirements while training logs are automated by employee, job function, and/or department.

Quality Management Standard is a centralized repository for critical food safety plan documentation, workflows, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and other required documents needed for internal and external audits.

Want to save time in your quality management processes?