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Quality Management

    Quality Management Software
    from TraceGains

    Food Safety & Quality Has Never Been Easier

    Have one system and one location for all the quality components required for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), your Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) scheme, supplier documentation, and automatic business rules to alert you to non-conformances. 


    It’s time to cover all your food safety and quality management needs with one integrated, user-friendly, and automated system.

    Quality Management for HACCP and HARPC


    An easy and centralized way to access all your food safety plans, workflows, standard operating procedures (SOP), and all other critical documentation needed for your GFSI program. And unlike static document management systems, Quality Management automates the management of all critical control points (CCP) and prerequisite programs (PRP) using our powerful 3-step methodology: Prerequisites, Operations, and Verification.

    Quality Management for Corrective Action Prevention Action and Corrective Action Requests

    Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA)
    Corrective Action Requests (CARs)

    Powerful business rules and alerts to help streamline corrective actions. Issues are targeted, assignments and tracking are automated, nothing falls through the cracks, and a complete history is permanently recorded for the problem, root-cause analysis, actions taken, and all workflows and approvals.

    Quality Management for Easier Audits


    Fully map your GFSI standard and certification to documentation, records, and actions. When it’s time to re-certify, prep for a desk audit, or move to a next higher certification schema, you can easily find and forward all prerequisite documents to auditors with only a few clicks of the mouse.

    Quality Management for Third-Party Tests

    Prerequisite Testing 

    Ensure all prerequisite programs are in compliance prior to starting the factory floor. And if any aspect of your perquisite testing is out of specification, our business rules and alerts engine will automatically notify you and any other appropriate person.

    Quality Management for Third-Party Labs

    Operational Testing 

    Ensure that all operational monitoring of CCP and oPRP programs are in compliance with your defined specifications, allowing you to easily maintain all CCPs that are the foundation of your supplier management and compliance programs. If items or equipment are found to be out of spec, those that need to will receive automatic notifications. 

    Quality Management for Pre-Shipment Signoff

    Pre-Shipment Signoff

    Ensure all FSQA elements are in place before sending shipments out to customers, and instantly see which outbound lots still have open issues. Powerful business rules assure that each and every critical process or activity has been performed and documented. Alerts can be sent to key employees and/or to shipping systems of record (e.g., SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft ERP).

    Quality Management for Training


    Automate training checklists by employee, job function, and/or department. Instantly search and retrieve all training records, keep all information in a single location, and send automatic corrective action requests to all stakeholders when any employee is non-compliant with important training, behavioral, or safety issues.


    Quality Management for Miscellaneous Logs

    Miscellaneous Logs

    Easily maintain and log additional information as it relates to ensuring your highest quality is always met. This can include logs for visitors, employee illness, food recalls, metal detection, safety checklists, shift logs, etc. 

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