Quality is King

As the old saying goes, behind every great king, is a queen supporting him and making him look amazing. Let us be your Quality Queen. You rule your Quality Department and expect high standards to be met. But how do you know quality is up to par?

With TraceGains® Quality Management software, you have immediate insight into your plant floor and quality operations. Ensure control over things like:

☑ Compliance with FSMA, GFSI, or other evolving regulatory guidelines
☑ Efficient response to demanding customer audits
☑ Storage and easy retrieval of critical quality data
☑ Records of training needs and statuses

TraceGains’ Quality Management software empowers you to effectively drive continuous improvement by storing and analyzing all your quality data in one easy-to-use system.

Gold Star Features Await in TraceGains Quality Management


  • An easy and centralized way to access food safety plans, workflows, standard operating procedures (SOP), and all other critical documentation needed for GFSI-certified programs

Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA)/Corrective Action Requests (CARs)

  • Powerful business rules and alerts to help streamline corrective actions
  • A complete history is permanently recorded for the problem, root-cause analysis, actions taken, and all workflows and approvals


  • Fully map GFSI certification to documentation, records, and actions
  • Quickly and easily forward all prerequisite documents to auditors

Prerequisite Testing

  • Ensure all prerequisite programs are in compliance prior to starting the plant floor

Operational Testing

  • Ensures operational monitoring of CCP and oPRP programs are in compliance with your defined specifications

Pre-Shipment Signoff

  • Verify all FSQA elements are in place before sending shipments out to customers, and instantly see which outbound lots still have open issues


  • Automate training checklists by employee, job function, and/or department
  • Instantly search and retrieve all training records, keep all information in a single location, and send automatic corrective action requests to all stakeholders when any employee is non-compliant with important training, behavioral, or safety issues

Single Sign-On

  • Access all of your TraceGains applications with one set of login credentials via SAML 2.0

Ready to Slap a Gold Star on Your Quality Operations?