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Experience The Power Of TraceGains

TraceGains offers an innovative, cloud-based information management software solution that empowers food and beverage companies to satisfy compliance with regulations and industry standards such as FSMA, GFSI, and HACCP, without the need for additional staff.

At the heart of TraceGains is a robust platform that enables companies to automate and optimize their processes through instant information sharing and collaboration between supply chain partners, which saves time and improves food safety and quality.

Our products can be used as standalone solutions, or can be combined to create a robust food safety and quality management system.

TraceGains® Network

Industry professionals using TraceGains Network can access a directory of suppliers and ingredients, collaborate with fellow professionals, and so much more!

  • 1,000+ Customer sites
  • 5,900+ Suppliers in 91 Countries
  • 91,000+ Items
  • Library of 545,000+ discoverable


Via TraceGains Network, customers can request documentation from all of their suppliers with one action, eliminating the manual process of requesting documents from each supplier, one-by-one. Subsequently, suppliers can submit required documentation to all their customers using TraceGains’ PostOnce technology, thereby eliminating the manual process of responding to each customer one at a time.


Suppliers fill them out ONCE!

  • 17 Standardized Industry Documents
  • 48 PostOnce Documents

Customers extract data from standard forms (e.g., allergen, country of origin (COO), nutrition, risk, etc.) and import into the system to power any dashboard or report


Revolutionizing Information Exchange Across the Supply Chain

TraceGains Product Suite

Supplier Management

  • Automatically manage supplier qualification, documents, and relationships.
  • Streamlined information management with unique access to custom dashboards for Allergens, Organic, Nutrition, Risk and countless other critical documents so you can be ready for any audit at any time.
  • 365 Audit Ready™
    • Quickly and easily organize and manage all supplier and item-level documentation
    • Decrease audit preparation time from several days down to hours
    • Be ready for any audit at any time including GFSI, FSMA, HACCP, or any other audit program

Customer Management

  • Manage all your customer needs at a granular level by item, document, or location and share with customers via TraceGains Network’s intuitive platform.
  • Greatly reduces the need to log into multiple portals for multiple customers, only to fill out the same forms and answer the same questions over, and over, and over again. Stop the single-use portal insanity!

Quality Management

  • Maintain compliance with FSMA HACCP/HARPC & GFSI utilizing a centralized repository for safety, SOPs and quality documentation.
  • Gain immediate insight into your plant floor and quality operations
  • Empowers you to effectively drive continuous improvement by storing and analyzing all your quality data in one easy-to-use system

Supplier Compliance

  • Automate lot-by-lot compliance across purchasing, COAs, receiving, testing, and plant floor.
  • Scorecard supplier performance based on critical attributes such as continuous compliance with ingredient specifications, on-time delivery, and more.
  • Manage, trace, and measure attributes to improve quality and increase ROI.

Specification Publishing

  • Create, maintain, and publish your company’s unique specifications to ensure compliance on incoming ingredients.
  • Specification Assist (SpecAssist™) provides a baseline for creating the best possible specifications for your company by factoring:
    • Historical data
    • Customer Requirements
    • Your input and judgement
    • Practical limits of your supplier’s capabilities

Market Hub - Exciting NEW Product!

  • Source your ingredients and packaging from 5,900+ suppliers across 90 countries
  • Empowers you to effectively drive continuous improvement by storing and analyzing all your quality data in one easy-to-use system

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