Transform Your Supply Chain Operations

TraceGains offers an innovative, cloud-based information management software solution that empowers food and beverage companies to satisfy compliance with regulations and industry standards such as FSMA, GFSI, and HACCP, without the need for additional staff.

At the heart of TraceGains is a robust platform that enables companies to automate and optimize their processes through instant information sharing and collaboration between supply chain partners, which saves time and improves food safety and quality.

Our products can be used as standalone solutions, or can be combined to create a robust food safety and quality management system.

Revolutionizing Information Exchange Across the Supply Chain

TraceGains Product Suite

Supplier Management

Automatically manage supplier qualification, documents, and relationships.


Quality Management

Automate HACCP/HARPC and comply with GFSI, FSMA, safety, and quality.


Customer Management

Eliminate the need to log into multiple portals for multiple customers. Stop the single-use portal insanity!


Supplier Compliance

Automate lot-by-lot compliance across purchasing, COAs, receiving, testing, and plant floor.


Specification Publishing

Create, maintain, and publish your company’s unique specifications to ensure compliance on incoming ingredients.


TraceGains Network

TraceGains Network is the food and beverage industry’s premier collaborative platform, boasting over 5,000 suppliers, across more than 7,000 locations, in 48 countries, with over 100,000 discoverable documents and growing.


What's in it for you?

Confident Compliance

TraceGains promotes transparency at all levels of your operation, allowing you to maintain compliance and gain confidence that your suppliers are adhering to your specific business requirements.

Risk Reduction

TraceGains is an action-oriented system that promotes proactive engagement at all levels of your production. Our solutions enable you to identify non-conformances within your supply chain, so you can address potential issues before they become costly problems.

365 Audit ReadyTM

Our automated solutions ensure you’re ready for any audit, at any time by keeping all relevant data and documents easily accessible and searchable.

Sophisticated Automation

TraceGains streamlines your processes through automated information management, analysis, and customized alerts.

Integration Capability

Each TraceGains software solution can work independently or side-by-side with incumbent in-house solutions, such as: quality management systems (QMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), laboratory information management systems (LIMS), and product life-cycle management (PLM).

One Source of Truth

Ditch the binders and silos of information. With TraceGains, you can make better business decisions, as you finally have one source of truth for all members of your organization. Despite departmental differences, with TraceGains, all team members are reviewing the same data and analyses, ensuring cohesion, consistency, and transparency throughout your operation.

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