TraceGains for New Product Development

Getting products to market faster demands more efficiency and speed at every stage of new product development. Supply chain quality assurance, ingredient identification, specification creation, and R&D acceleration require better collaboration between suppliers and buyers. TraceGains helps eliminate external and internal knowledge silos, replacing them with a collaborative platform that connects teams, streamlines workflows, and standardizes and digitizes documents to allow businesses to scale without adding resources.

With a single location for all supply chain information and documentation, teams can bring new products to market faster. R&D can quickly research suppliers and ingredients. The regulatory department can address claims, label issues, or any other compliance requirements up front, eliminating downstream delays. Quality can pre-approve ingredients and suppliers and manage the process through approval, and procurement can negotiate price and shipping with suppliers and even recommend alternate suppliers if needed. Lastly, suppliers can make sure compliant ingredients seamlessly enter the supply chain with all required documentation.

"TraceGains excites me because our prime suppliers are there. I can say 'Hey R&D, if you want to shop for an ingredient, here's your catalog."

-Andi Gillett, Purchasing Manager, Kanpak, Inc