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TraceGains Partners with Ecofibre For Hemp Standards and Compliance

TraceGains announced that it’s partnering with Ecofibre, the leader in hemp technologies for health and resource sustainability to drive standards and compliance in the hemp industry.


TraceGains Helps Transform Arizona Nutritional Supplements Supplier Management

TraceGains Supplier Management is based on the SIDI™ Protocol and provides ANS with scalable software to promote compliance and integrity. Suppliers can see exactly what is required for FSMA compliance, and ANS has real-time visibility of supplier status.


TraceGains Launches the First Network-Connected Audit Management Solution

Audit Management digitizes and streamlines the audit process for all facilities and suppliers. Automated notifications, workflows, and task assignments help track the progress of audit teams and real-time reporting flags key findings and corrective actions.


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United Natural Products Alliance Partners with TraceGains

The United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) and TraceGains have announced a partnership designed to increase quality, management, and transparency in the global supplement supply chain, according to an UNPA press release made today.


How processors can improve supply chain safety

Big shifts in thinking about the supply chain are happening because of two developments: excitement about blockchain’s potential and regulations requiring companies to shoulder more of the burden for verifying whether suppliers keep food safe.


New research suggests GMO corn produces higher yields

About half of Americans think genetically modified foods (GMOs) are neither better for your health nor worse, according to a 2016 Pew Research Center survey. About 39 percent of those surveyed said they believed GMOs are worse for your health, but they had differing views about severity.


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