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You Control Your Documents

Satisfying document requests using TraceGains Network will greatly decrease the amount of time you spend providing documents to your Customers. Suppliers around the world are adding time back to their day because they are using PostOnce™.

How does PostOnce work? Most of your Customers will ask for the same document for the same item, perhaps a kosher certificate for the kosher salt you provide. Without PostOnce, you will have to find a way to send this document (likely one at time) to all of the Customers who are requesting it. When you upload your kosher certificate to TraceGains Network, PostOnce will recognize the connection you’ve established, see who is requesting that document, and share it with connected customers automatically.

You control whom you connect with in TraceGains Network, so no one will receive documents unless you want them to. You also have the ability to manage PostOnce, which means you can provide your documents to your Customers one at a time. But, we think you’ll stick with the time-saving power of PostOnce.

If you already have a TraceGains Supplier Group, read our Managing PostOnce article for more.


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