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What is Market Hub?

Market Hub is a comprehensive catalog powered by TraceGains Network that allows customers to source items, ingredients, and packaging and helps users determine which suppliers are the most accurate and compliant in providing documentation. 

TraceGains customers, manufacturers, and brand owners can quickly qualify new items or suppliers and access quality/regulatory documentation from an ever-growing content library. With a supplier network spanning the globe, buyers can rapidly cut time-to-market by leveraging robust search criteria. 

TraceGains customers can easily access every supplier group, and item, and document that’s tagged as “Discoverable” in Market Hub, including more than 13,000 suppliers, 140,000 items, and 1.1 million documents. If you’re using Supplier Management, your company already has access to the Market Hub platform.

Market Hub Features

Advanced Filters

Let’s explore Market Hub with an example: Say you’re looking for sea salt to use in your organic granola recipe. Market Hub is a central location that allows you to search for sea salt while making sure the supplier checks all your boxes:

  • Is the product organic?
  • Is the product within 100 miles?
  • Does it have all the correct documentation?
  • Is the supplier compliant and responsive?

Use Market Hub to answer those questions and you’ve found the best sea salt.

Smart Library

Perhaps instead of sea salt, you’re considering using Himalayan salt in the recipe.

That’s where Smart Library comes in - this feature of Market Hub is the largest database of ingredients in the industry. Smart Library is your one-stop shop to research a new ingredient.

These are the Smart Library item search results: Overview, Regulatory Information, Warnings and advisories, Side effects and interactions, Studies, and Product that include the ingredient.

Smart Library

After your research, you’ve decided you want to move forward with Himalayan salt. But before committing, you want to make sure the supplier you found hasn’t had any compliance-related issues in the past year.

Smart Alerts in-app notifications alert you without having to navigate away from your most recent Market Hub inquiry.

Empower Your Team

Now that you’ve found the best Himalayan salt for your organic granola recipe, it’s time to work with your team and suppliers on TraceGains to complete the recipe!

  • Save searches
  • Share finds with stakeholders
  • Request samples
  • Create lists
  • Import into formulas and specifications
  • RFP postings

Customers on Market Hub


Success Spotlight

How TraceGains and Market Hub Helped ANS Transform Product Lifecycle

Finding the right ingredients and suppliers was difficult for ANS, especially for international connections. With limited access to ingredient documents and information, selecting a supplier to qualify felt like a shot in the dark.

Market Hub, now bundled with Supplier Management, helped turn on the lights. ANS takes advantage of the robust sourcing directory to find and qualify new items, ingredients, and raw materials, while instantly collecting all the necessary supporting documentation with the click of a mouse.

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Market Hub Success Stories


Ready for a long-term, rewarding, and mutually beneficial relationship?

Find a true partner – a business partner that is – with Market Hub, the CPG industry matchmaker, and robust sourcing directory for ingredients, items, packaging, and service providers. It’s all included with Supplier Management. Request a meeting with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Account Executive today to learn more about how your company can start leveraging Market Hub.

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