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COVID-19 Supply Chain Threat

Dietary supplement makers could be hit especially hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, since so many of their ingredients come from China. But this is just the latest threat to a progressively intricate supply chain. When an ingredient suddenly becomes unavailable, it can halt production, making it impossible for manufacturers to get their products to consumers.

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Coronavirus Impact on Supplements 

COVID-19 is spreading, and its starting to affect the dietary supplements business. Since so many ingredients – whether whole of semi processed – come from China, a supply shortage could lead to increased incidents of food fraud and adulteration. The longer this epidemic paralyzes Chinese exports, the greater the supply chain danger to supplement manufacturers.

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Bad Actors Pounce on Coronavirus 

In the shadow of this growing global emergency, the four leading dietary supplement trade associations in the United States, which fight for the responsible sale and use of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other dietary supplements, banded together to release a statement this week warning against bad actors who might try to fraudulently profit from this crisis.

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