Have confusion regarding some of the specifics to FSMA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program rule? You’re not alone…


Are you the importer? What if you’re a broker? What are the actual contents of a verification program?

To help answer some of these and many other lingering questions surrounding the FSVP rule, TraceGains enlisted the help of Marc Sanchez, regulatory attorney specializing in FDA and USDA law, and Shawn Stevens, a global food safety lawyer, to provide insight and break down some of the confusion with a few real-world examples.

Download our free FSVP Comprehensive Guide to discover:

  • Questions you can ask to determine who the importer is in your circumstance
  • A list of exemptions, exclusions, and modifications
  • Contents that make up a verification program
  • Examples of how foreign suppliers can assist importers through this process
  • Examples of the FSVP rule in action to help you better understand how it works