TraceGains for Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is an essential part of the US economy. Between agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and food service, the sector makes up roughly 5% of the country’s GDP, 10% of employment, and sales exceed $1.4 trillion. According to a report by the US Committee for Economic Development, the food and beverage industry consists of close to 27,000 organizations and employs 1.5 million people. 

With a single location for all supply chain information and documentation, teams can work smarter. R&D can quickly research suppliers and ingredients. The regulatory department can address claims, label issues, or any other compliance requirements upfront, eliminating downstream delays. Quality can pre-approve ingredients and suppliers and manage the process through approval, and procurement can negotiate price and shipping with suppliers and even recommend alternate suppliers if needed. Lastly, suppliers can make sure compliant ingredients seamlessly enter the supply chain with all required documentation.

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Digitizing COAs and making them actionable has resulted in a 75 percent reduction of out-of-specification lots on the receiving dock. Since COAs are often analyzed even before the shipment arrives, Chelsea Milling can now reject shipments even before they’re received, saving the supplier reverse logistics charges and returns processing.

-Jack Kennedy, VP - General Manager, Chelsea Milling Company (Jiffy mixes)