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Finished Goods COAs

    Why Finished Goods COAs from TraceGains?

    The Old School Way

    Publishing finished goods Certificates of Analysis (COAs) is part of everyday business. But for many, it is a labor-intensive process that involves a lot of cutting and pasting from various data sources. Gathering all these data points for COA attributes is time-consuming, especially if you have to consolidate information from disparate sources.

    Save Yourself Some Time

    Finished Goods COAs makes creating and sending your own COAs a snap. Leveraging existing customer and item-level information, the system will automatically generate finished goods COAs and let you email them out to your necessary customer(s) with one click.

    Automatically Upload COA Data

    Automatically Upload COA Attribute Data

    TraceGains allows you to automatically upload COA attribute data from your existing sources, such as spreadsheets, LIMS systems, and various databases. You can also directly enter attribute data into TraceGains, and go back to revise or amend information at any time prior to sending the COA.

    Be Unique When Necessary

    Be Unique When Necessary

    The TraceGains system understands that each customer may need a uniquely formatted COA or email message, and allows you to create unique templates for individual customers. The system’s automated recordkeeping keeps track of what you sent to whom, and when, and even lets you assess and report on your own historical performance.

    Easy Finished Goods COAs Setup

    Easy Setup

    For any company you supply, simply create the customer record and link the items you supply to that customer. You are then ready at any time to email your Finished Goods COA to the intended recipient directly out of the TraceGains system.

    Interested in learning more about Finished Goods COAs?

    Request a live demo, and we'll walk you through how Finished Goods COAs can help you ditch the spreadsheets and get back to the job you love.

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