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Upcoming Webinars and Events

FSMA Club: Top Violations Found in Mock FDA Inspections

Top Violations Found in Mock FDA Inspections

Top food companies aren’t waiting around for FDA to come knocking at the door to find out if they are FSMA-ready.

They are hiring firms to assess their FSMA-readiness with an FDA Preparedness Inspection. TraceGains is teaming up with AIB International for a webinar to discuss the top violations AIB’s “inspectors” are finding when they put clients to the test.

During the webinar, AIB's Innovation Manager Len Steed will highlight real customer case studies, why their clients choose to put their teams to the test, how the client's team reacts when the inspector shows up, and the knowledge gaps their clients are able to fix as a result of the preparedness inspection.

Specifically the webinar will cover:

  • What an FDA Preparedness Inspection is
  • How to establish a go-to person to guide the inspection
  • How to prepare all personnel to handle regulatory inspections
  • How to "talk the talk" during an FDA inspection
  • Tips on duplicating what the inspector does (photos, swabs, etc.)
  • The top FSMA violations found in mock inspections

Date: March 16, 2017
Time: 12:00pm EDT
Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: Free

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Blowing the Whistle - How & When to Do the Right Thing

Under FSMA, there is new whistleblower protection for food industry employees who disclose information about potential food safety problems. Whether you've considered blowing the whistle on your own company before or not, you should know your rights and the procedures to follow should you ever need to contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in an effort to protect yourself while you protect public health.
Since the whistleblower protections were first established under FSMA, there have been 280 complaints filed with OSHA, but many complaints are withdrawn for various reasons. 
To better understand how the rules protect food industry workers, TraceGains is teaming up with regulatory attorney Marc Sanchez to explore the whistleblower protections and procedures to follow so if you ever need whistleblower protection, you'll know how to file a complaint and do it correctly to ensure protection.
Specifically, the webinar will outline:
  • Who is covered
  • What is the whistleblower's burden of proof
  • What remedies can be taken if an employer retaliates against a whistleblower
  • The statute of limitations
  • The "whistleblowing" requirements of third-party auditors under FSMA

Date: March 22, 2017
Time: 12:00pm EDT
Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: Free

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TGCon 2017 Is Here! 

Get Registered for TGCon 2017

When: May 17-18, 2017
Where: Westin Westminster in Westminster, CO


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Conferences We'll Be Attending in 2017

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Global Food Safety Conference
February 28-March 2, 2017
Houston, TX


2017 ABA Convention
March 25-29, 2017
Boca Raton, FL


BRC Food Safety Americas
April 4-5, 2017
Orlando, FL


Food Safety Summit
May 8-11, 2017
Rosemont, IL


North American Food Safety
& Quality Summit

June 6-7, 2017
Chicago, IL

June 25-28, 2017
Las Vegas, NV


NLS Food Evolution Summit
September 11-13, 2017
Indian Wells, CA


2017 ADS Annual Meeting
October 7-9, 2017
Nashville, TN
FEMA Fall Symposium
New Brunswick, NJ


SQF International Conference
November 7-9, 2017
Dallas, TX
PLMA 2017
November 12-14, 2017


Food Safety Consortium

NLS Food Quality Symposium
December 4-6, 2017
Indian Wells, CA

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