With an increase in demand for transparency along the entire supply chain, the tightening of food safety regulations, and the changing landscape of food safety in general, the need for technology-based solutions in the food and beverage industry is greater than ever. As food safety management systems (FSMS) are growing in breadth and complexity, the data required to adhere to food safety requirements is skyrocketing.

So how does one keep everything accessible and organized?

Raising the Bar for Your Food Safety Plan

Automation of critical food safety management tasks can significantly improve the effectiveness of your food safety systems by refocusing personnel resources, and enabling the utilization of material and process data to drive preventive approaches for ensuring food safety.

By utilizing technology to reduce the burden on personnel, you free up resources for successfully identifying, correcting, and preventing the recurrence of food safety control deviations.

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  • How TraceGains helps automate your FSMS
  • How TraceGains specifically maps to GFSI benchmarked schemes and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements
  • How TraceGains specifically helps with the automation of the food safety plan required for FSMA's Preventive Controls rules
  • How automating critical tasks within the food safety plan reduces the burden on personnel
  • How electronically captured data and information can help you be audit ready at any time