TraceGains for Dietary Supplement Companies

The supplement market is a growing economic powerhouse worth as much as $194 billion by some estimates. According to a report from the Center for Responsible Nutrition, more than three-quarters of American adults - or about 170 million people - take dietary supplements regularly. The National Institute of Health, which maintains the Dietary Supplement Label Database, calculates that there are about 76,000 different dietary supplements currently on the market. While there are tremendous opportunities, there are also challenges facing supplement manufacturers and brand owners.

What if you could electronically create and manage specifications, qualify suppliers, scorecard them, quickly find the ingredients that match your specifications, compare CoAs to lab results, immediately know if all compliance documentation was complete and up-to-date, receive instant alerts on any supply chain threat, and easily manage your label claims - would you want to live in that world or the world you live in now? 

“With TraceGains, we have clarity and visibility on the compliance status of every supplier and material. We can now tell customers where every material came from — including a full audit report. Growing our business depends on having that level of traceability and compliance."

– Tom Dubinski, VP of Quality Systems