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Be Prepared for FSMA, GFSI, 
& Any Other Audit That Comes Your Way

Integrated Management of Suppliers, Quality, Regulatory Documents,
& Specifications Publishing for Food & Beverage Companies


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What Can TraceGains Do For You?

Have one integrated, user-friendly, and automated system for all your quality management needs, all incoming supplier documentation, all specifications, and all compliance requirements required for FSMA, GFSI, and any other audit that comes your way.


Let TraceGains do the arduous and manual jobs for you and your team so you can get back to doing what you love.

Here’s a quick look at how TraceGains helps food safety professionals:

Stay in Compliance with Your Suppliers

Stay in Compliance

Easily compare all data against your own business requirements that you set to monitor your suppliers and their lot shipments 24/7 to ensure they are always in compliance.

Address Supply Chain Issues Proactively

Address Issues Proactively

Automatically put out-of-compliance materials and suppliers on hold, allowing you to focus on issue resolution proactively rather than reactively.

Ensure You're Compliant with FSMA and GFSI

Food Safety & Quality Management in One Location

Have one system and one location for all the quality components required for FSMA, your GFSI scheme, supplier documentation, and automatic business rules that alert you to non-conformances.

Be Ready for FSMA and GFSI

Be Ready for FSMA, GFSI, or Any Other Audit

Be ready for any audit 365 days a year with our automated tools for supplier document management. Digitize and store any and all incoming documentation to be read and acted upon at any time of day.

Improve Your Supplier Collaboration

Improve Supplier Collaboration

Improve collaboration and relationships with your suppliers by increasing transparency within different departments. Instantly view all supplier performance, compliance, & risk information in your supplier scorecarding dashboard.

Perform Risk Analysis for Suppliers

Perform Risk Analysis

Conduct risk and performance profiling to learn how suppliers and shipments affect your company’s risk, quality, and profitability.

Track Critical Information Regarding Your Supply Chain

Track Critical Information

Use our customizable dashboards to track allergen information, country of origin, kosher requirements, etc.

Save Time with TraceGains

Save Time

And most importantly, save time!

See TraceGains in Action for Yourself

Ready to see TraceGains in action?

You weren’t hired to be a paper clerk.

It’s time to think outside the spreadsheets and get back to the job you love — maintaining the quality and integrity of your company’s products.

Schedule a free demo to get more information about leveraging TraceGains as your competitive advantage.