Manufacturers Struggle to Update Supplier Ingredient Information

Food, beverage, and CPG companies have unique challenges:

  • Demand for a more streamlined process for gathering and updating supplier ingredient data is at an all-time high.
  • Driven by regulations, consumers, and product innovation, nutrition labeling is an ever-changing challenge throughout the food, beverage, and supplement industries.
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has confirmed the new Nutrition and Supplement Facts label requirements go into effect on January 1, 2020.

Datalink Software can fix it:

TraceGains and ESHA Research have partnered to provide shared customers with a workflow tool that integrates Genesis R&D® and TraceGains software. DataLink is an add-on module for the Genesis R&D program that connects with the TraceGains network platform. It allows shared customers to update supplier ingredient data in seconds without the burden of manual data entry.

Four Simple Steps for Easier Nutrition Labeling


TraceGains requests new or updated data from the supplier


The supplier uploads requested data to TraceGains Network


DataLink pulls the supplier data from TraceGains


Data is reviewed and imported into Genesis R&D

DataLink lowers your costs and ensures that
your business is prepared for an audit







Frequently Asked Questions

How do Genesis R&D users benefit from TraceGains?

The document management system in TraceGains not only stores and digitizes files, it also extracts relevant data and compares claims against business requirements, generating alerts for non-conformances. TraceGains was developed to assist companies in achieving and maintaining compliance requirements for: The Food Safety Modernization ACT (FSMA), Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

What ingredients are eligible for inclusion in the TraceGains database?

There are no limitations to the ingredient-related data you can manage in TraceGains. DataLink automatically imports data from TraceGains and sends an alert when there is an updated ingredient value to review. The system displays TraceGains and Genesis R&D data side-by-side making updates easy to view.

Will TraceGains automatically update nutritional data or will users be alerted first?

DataLink is a user-driven process. Each time a Genesis R&D user launches DataLink, it queries the TraceGains system to check for updated data. The new data is displayed along with the existing data in Genesis R&D and users are given the option to update, skip, or unlink each item before a record is changed, ensuring that all updates are at the discretion of the user.

How does DataLink reconcile multiple suppliers for the same item/ingredient?

Users can customize the naming conventions for various suppliers and items in TraceGains and the ingredients listed in Genesis R&D. This helps standardize the data to make linking items easier. Additionally, TraceGains item names and ID numbers are matched with the corresponding ingredients in Genesis R&D, and users have the option to customize the nutrient mapping if necessary.

How can users ensure suppliers are providing required nutrition data?

TraceGains allows users to establish business rules to determine which fields are mandatory for suppliers to complete. If a supplier fails to provide all of the necessary information, the system automatically sends an alert.

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