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TraceGains Customer Experience

  • “We had decided as a company that we wanted to undertake SQF, and the light bulb just went off … We needed something to help us manage that.”

  • “My responsibility is to find the best practices and roll them out across the organization … TraceGains is one of the elements we used to integrate the company.”

  • “There is a top-down push for quality in everything that we do … We can know as soon as possible whether incoming material is up to our spec.”

  • “Our different food companies have different audits they need to satisfy. We need to make sure that we have a platform that satisfies all the different requirements.”

  • “This not only prevents problems to our customers, but enable us to get a competitive edge by keeping our customers informed . . . so that we become a preferred vendor.”

  • “It’s not only a way to bring more capabilities to our processes here, but also as a way for our suppliers to understand their processes and their performance a lot better.”

  • “We have so many documents that are required, to keep track of, and to keep up to date for our customers. If we don’t have an efficient way, then we’re in trouble.”

  • “Global access to the information by all of the members of our company who have a need to see it, use it, review it, or rate suppliers, including our procurement group.”

  • “How do you manage 70,000 specifications? How do you make sure that when an ingredient changes at a supplier level, that you are able to track that?”

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