Eliminate the Single-Use Portal Insanity

TraceGains Customer Management eliminates the need to log into multiple portals for multiple customers, only to fill out the same forms and answer the same questions over, and over, and over again. Stop the single-use portal insanity! Welcome to TraceGains Customer Management, together we can Change the Chain.

Intuitively Designed for Maximum Ease of Use

TraceGains’ Customer Management is intuitive and easy to navigate so you can manage all your information at a granular level by item, document, or location.

The Power of Customer Management is Yours for the Taking

Manage Customer Needs with Ease & Simplicity

  • Basic Feature: Automatic fulfillment of document requests from TraceGains customers within the Network
  • Premium Feature: Manage all documents and document requirements for every customer – TraceGains customer or not


  • Simultaneously submit required documentation to all your TraceGains customers using PostOnceTM technology, thereby eliminating the manual process of responding to each customer individually

Fully Control Customer Visibility

  • Connect or disconnect with customers by:
    • Document
    • Location
    • Item
  • Suppliers have complete control of which customers have access to what information down to individual items, locations and users

Location Management Made Simple

  • Receive recommended locations from customers, no more guessing!
  • Quickly disconnect a location without disconnecting the customer
  • Easily add more than one location for each item

Stop the Single-Use Portal Insanity!

  • TraceGains Customer Management allows you to simply and intuitively manage all of your customers on TraceGains Network
  • Manage all your TraceGains customers in one location. No more logging into multiple, single-use portals to fill out the same forms over and over again

Streamline Communications

  • With TraceGains Customer Management you can easily connect with the correct person at the correct location, eliminating the need for multiple emails and phone calls

Interactive and User Help

  • Virtual tours of each page as well as personal (aka a real person who works at TraceGains) customer service, just in case you get stuck or just have a question

Advanced Search Features

  • Search for items, documents, locations, etc. using multiple search criteria. Stop scrolling and simply search!

Common Tasks

  • Page-specific help material to guide you through common tasks
  • Guided tutorials, quick reference guides and coming soon, tutorial videos!

Manage Your Customers with Ease – It’s Time to Get Started