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Cost Calculator

    Find Out What You're Spending on
    Document and COA Management 


    Have you ever wondered how much money you're spending today on your paper-based vendor processes? How much does it cost to manage insurance, audit, Letter of Guarantee, kosher, allergen, GMO, FDA/FSMA-, and GFSI-required documentation?

    TraceGains’ Cost Calculator can help you accurately estimate your annual expense of managing upstream documents, data, and information—a labor-intensive and error-prone process that is necessary to pass audits, onboard new suppliers, source new ingredients, and manage critical supply chain risks.


    Give it a go and see how much you're actually spending!


    Cost Calculator

    Total Annual Employee Cost

    File New Supplier Documents Cost

    File New Item Documents Cost

    Note: For best results, consider each supplier-item combination separately!

    Retrieve Documents Cost

    Request Documents Cost

    Validate COAs Cost

    Total Annual Cost to Manage Documents and COAs

    You spend $0.00 annually on your document management. Perhaps there's a more efficient and cost-effective way to get things done.


    Learn how TraceGains can help you get back to doing the job that you want to do—proactively managing food quality and safety—instead of managing emails, faxes, and myriad phone calls.