HACCP is not a stand-alone program. The production of safe food products requires that the HACCP Plan be built on a solid foundation of prerequisite programs (PRPs). Prerequisite programs provide the basic environment and operating conditions that are necessary for the production of safe, wholesome food. They are applied in all types of food operations as a method for maintaining a hygienic environment to reduce food safety risk.

A prerequisite program (PRP) is a program in place that, when maintained effectively, will either eliminate a potential hazard or reduce it to an acceptable limit. They are not specific to one step in the process and do not control a specific hazard. Failure to meet PRP requirements increases likeliness of failure. PRPs include Allergen Control, GMP/Pest Control, Raw Material Control System, Sanitation, Chemical Control, Supplier Management Programs, Receiving, Storage, Distribution, and Traceability and Recall.

Pre-requisite programs must be effective!

Use our complimentary PRPs for HACCP Checklist as a guide to ensure optimal effectiveness.