A TraceGains Customer Success Story

Full-Spectrum Supply Chain Visibility for ANS


ANS Case Study

Arizona Nutritional Supplements (ANS), one of the nation’s leading dietary supplement manufacturers, specializes in contract and private-label supplement manufacturing. ANS develops, produces, packages, and distributes dietary supplements in a variety of formats, such as tablets, capsules, soft gels, powders, and packaging, including PCR bottles, blister packs, packets, stick packs, and pouches.

ANS also provides contract and private-label manufacturing services and is the exclusive producer of Whole Foods and Amazon’s private label supplements.

The company sells its products through dietary supplement retailers and distributors worldwide. The company has operated privately since 1996 and employs more than 700 people in its 350,000-square-foot production and warehousing facility in Chandler, Arizona.

Like most manufacturers, ANS struggled under a legacy documentation system that was expensive, burdensome, and incapable of scaling up to meet the company’s growing needs.

ANS desperately needed a way to streamline communication with its suppliers while ensuring the company complied with rigorous traceability and compliance regulations.

This case study reveals how TraceGains Supplier Management and Market Hub helped ANS gain crystal clear insight into its supply chain and instantly access all of its supplier documentation. ANS has benefited from a robust sourcing directory for ingredients, packaging, and service providers. Powered by TraceGains Network, Market Hub helps ANS secure new items, ingredients, or services while instantly collecting all the necessary supporting documentation and storing it in an easily accessible central database.

"If we didn’t have TraceGains, we’d probably have to bring in three to four more people to manage the different aspects of supplier qualification."

- Tom Dubinski, VP of Quality Systems, ANS