At TraceGains, we believe that the supply chain should be more than a traditional chain of information. We believe the supply chain should be an interconnected network wherein suppliers, manufacturers, brokers, and the like can effectively and efficiently share information that will in turn help them improve food safety and quality, time to market, compliance with regulations, and more. That’s why we have led the charge and made it our mission to revolutionize information exchange across the supply chain.

We are the industry leader because we value our employees as much as our customers. We understand that there are jobs, and then there are careers. Create something meaningful with us!

We’ve Got Your Back

Our competitive benefits package includes premium medical, dental, vision coverage, and a 401(k) to drive your future. Vacation is available to you from your first day! We understand that you are at your best when you have had your rest.

You’d Swear We’re Yogis

Whether it’s closing on your first home, your kiddo’s baseball game, or picking out a new family dog – we don’t want you to miss it. We offer true flexibility. We work hard and we encourage you to enjoy your life.

Might as Well Be Mensa

Surround yourself with smart, creative individuals who will challenge you to be your best. Speaking up and offering out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged and rewarded. Our annual creativity contest rewards great ideas with trips to Hawaii, ski resorts, and decadent dinners.

Live it Up

Our beautiful new offices, nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, are great for work and play. Beautiful walking trails, a full golf course, and easy access for errands wait for you outside. Enjoy bright, collaborative spaces, delicious snacks and a kegerator inside while you work to change the chain.

Fun in the Sun

Our employees break out the SPF and enjoy those 300 days of Colorado sunshine, both on their own and with the TraceGainsta crew. TraceGainsta (noun): an employee of TraceGains dedicated to making “work” a little more like “play.” TraceGainsta events have included beach volleyball, pumpkin carving contests, boozy bicycling, delicious dinners, and more!

Who Belongs Here?

Bold thinkers, dreamers, do-ers, introverts, extroverts, dog parents, cat lovers, picky eaters, curious palates, problem solvers, fast learners, good souls, brilliant minds, explorers, innovators…YOU!


Research & Development


Research & Development

You won't find a boring ol' software development team here! The crew includes a black belt, a pilot in training, a professional paintballer and even a swing dancer. Do you think you can hang?


Customer Success


Customer Success

This is where the Rubic's cube master hides. If you're lucky, you can catch him in his native habitat – among the customer successes, where implementations roam. His fellow pack members include an exotic scuba diver, a boxer, and several singing warblers.


Finance & Administration


Finance & Administration

From rock climbers to a certified skydiver – and a sommelier, too – our Finance & Administration department is far from boring. Their affinity for data is really just their "Clark Kent" disguise. They're secretly superheroes on their own time...





Boasting a professional wakeboarder, a Philly fanatic, a 5-time state champion, and one that really loves flightless birds – just to name a few – the team gets a little crazy sometimes, but that's how we like our Marketing crew! Has anyone ever succeeded by putting baby in a corner?





A golfing punk rocker, an Airforce cyber security tech, and a pub trivia ringer meet in an office. What do you get? Just a part of our Sales team! Add in an accomplished skier, a once-upon-a-time futball pro, and an original Woodstock attendee, and you're still not done rounding out the team.




TraceGains Network

A brewmaster and someone who's actually seen a real-life unicorn lead this team of rebels. They say "make the Network sing," but really they just like song and dance. Don't believe us? Give 'em a triple dog dare and find out!

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