You Can Pay Lip Service or Deliver Real Service

Posted by Marc Simony on August 7, 2019 at 2:12 PM

SuppliersAt TraceGains, we know the job isn’t done until our customers have their data. Just selling software doesn’t cut it. And while we have an excellent customer success team, our focus on supplier success is equally intense. Because, if our customers’ suppliers aren’t happy, then our customers aren’t happy. And if our customers aren’t happy, we get grumpy, too.

So, what do we do to support thousands of suppliers across tens of thousands of locations globally?

How Can I Rock Thee? Let’s Count the Ways.

TraceGains has a dedicated supplier success team — a department full of people devoted to supporting a supplier base that outnumbers our customers by more than 30 times. On a regular basis we will directly and personally support suppliers in four different ways:

  • One to one: Any supplier can contact us directly, and we will take the time to personally train them.
  • One to many: Any customer can request to have their suppliers trained via training webinars that focus on specific goals the customer wants to achieve.
  • Many to many: At the request of multiple customers with shared suppliers, we will host a joint training webinar for suppliers to address the needs of a particular industry segment (e.g., retailers, flavors, etc.)
  • Everyone: TraceGains holds introductory training webinars for any supplier to attend.

Chain Reaction

Consumers have become more aware – and proactive – about their food and beverage choices than ever before. Whether it’s because one in 10 U.S. adults have a food allergy or they’re simply looking for healthier food and beverage options, consumers want to know what they’re putting in their bodies.

As a result, our customers have to be even more vigilant about the suppliers they’re working with.

But Wait, There’s More…

TraceGains Network is the premier collaborative platform for food and beverage professionals in nearly every department to work hand in hand with suppliers anywhere in the world to efficiently bring new products to market faster.

Suppliers can share all of their locations with customers so they can acquire items, build or tweak recipes, negotiate item specs, and automatically gather supporting documents from an expanding library. Suppliers can connect with companies as easily as adding a contact over a traditional social network.

With TraceGains, our customers – and their suppliers – can work together on the same platform to collaborate on product development and exchange information and documentation with the click of a mouse. Suppliers can also manage all customer-requested documentation in a single location, empowering them to quickly fulfill every document request.

With Customer Management as their document management system, suppliers can:

  • Submit documents to multiple customers with a single click using PostOnce™.
  • Complete and submit TraceGains Standard Online Forms to make things easier for their customers.
  • Connect with prospective customers who are already on TraceGains Network.
  • Promote their company, manufacturing locations and plants, and any items they produce in Market Hub, the leading online marketplace for the food and beverage business.

In short, Customer Management centralizes, standardizes, and digitizes all documentation – allowing suppliers to quickly respond to customer sourcing and compliance requests. Suppliers can publish a company profile, post product catalogs, and manage all customer inquiries with the push of a button.

TraceGains PostOnce™ technology allows suppliers to share information, documentation, and online forms with all customers at once, avoiding the manual process of responding individually.

Find out today how Customer Management can transform your business – request a demo today.

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