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Welcome to TGCon 2018

Denis Storey
May 1, 2018

TGCon Live: Watch thought-leadership keynotes, industry roundtables, expert panels, customer use case presentations, and more on-demand now. 

TGCon Live On-Demand

TGCon Live

TGCon Live is an interactive, online event, featuring thought-leadership keynotes, industry roundtables, expert sessions, customer use cases, certificate training, networking, and more, all available on-demand.

TGCon Live On-Demand

We’re thrilled to welcome everyone who’s in Chicago with us for TGCon 2018, our fifth annual user conference. And for those of you who aren’t here, we’re going to peek behind the curtain over the next few days and show you what you’re missing. We’re convinced that by Friday, you won’t want to miss our next event.

TGCon is the best opportunity of the year to learn, connect, and collaborate with the TraceGains team while also offering time to meet with fellow customers and suppliers. It’s an event that lets everyone “take advantage of focused learning tracks, insightful presentations from customers, industry experts, and TraceGains leaders, as well as plenty of networking opportunities throughout the event.”

This year, we’ve included suppliers for the first time, which adds value to the event. The networking will be significantly expanded, and we sincerely hope that new long-term relationships will emerge. It’s always great to put a face to a name.

Erin Tarr, with T. Marzetti Co., says that TraceGains has more capabilities than most people realize. Events like TGCon help customers and suppliers discover what else TraceGains can do for them.

“If you hear an answer or a question that sparks interest, use the time to collaborate,” Tarr explains. “Everyone is open to sharing the ways their company uses TraceGains to connect with suppliers, customers, and within their own company. Each year, I’ve returned with ideas to implement in our TraceGains system. Save yourself valuable design time by collaborating. Don’t waste time wondering if it’s OK to approach and ask.”

As Tarr points out, you never know what kind of useful knowledge might be sitting next to you at lunch, on a break, or in the hotel lobby.

Anyone new to the event should reach out to Joshua DeWitt, Regulatory Specialist II, at Red Arrow if they have questions. He’s well-versed with Supplier Management and TraceGains Network.

“I’d also recommend that any first-time customers download the TGCon18 app,” he added. “Last year, there was a place in the app where people could type questions anonymously. I felt we had more people asking questions in person and through the app last year. Some people don’t like to speak in front of large groups.”

DeWitt also suggests newcomers meet with as many suppliers and customers as possible during networking breaks.

Did You Miss TGCon Live 2020?

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend this year’s event, TGCon Live 2020, or missed a key session. The entire conference available on-demand at no cost here.

TGCon 2018

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