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TraceGains Supports Food for Thought to End Child Hunger

Denis Storey
April 4, 2019

Discover the connection to our community that makes TraceGains so special. 

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It's no secret that creating a positive company culture drives employee engagement and ultimately improves the bottom line. It seems that every publication, influencer, and organization specializing in business performance from Gallop to Forbes emphasizes that culture is everything in today's workplace.

That's something TraceGains has already figured out. There are many highlights about working for TraceGains:

  • Its stable leadership team – the CEO and CTO have both been with the company for more than 11 years.

  • Its market leadership position – 30 of the top 100 F&B companies run TraceGains.

  • And its fast growth – the company added a record number of new logos in 2020.

These are all valuable, but the best aspect of the culture is that TraceGains gives back to the community. Over the holidays, TraceGains employees donated coats, hats, and gloves to the Mercy Center for Hope, and built more than 30 bikes for the Westminster Fire Department's fund drive. Last year, a TraceGains employee shaved his head when he hit his fundraising goal to raise money for St. Baldrick's to fight childhood cancer in large part due to support from his co-workers.

As a working mother, I often reflect on how grateful I am to do what I love to support my family. I also think about other parents who struggle every day to support their families. Trying to imagine how it would feel if my children were hungry and I couldn't feed them is painful, and the hard truth is that there are many women and men, right here in my community, who are facing this harsh reality right now, unsure of where they will find their next meal.

This year, 224,000 kids struggle with hunger every day in Colorado. Many low-income children in Denver rely on free and reduced meals at school; often, the lunch they receive at school on Friday is the last meal they eat until Monday.

That's where Food For Thought can help – they provide PowerSacks, food packed, and sent home with children to end weekend hunger. Food For Thought is 100 percent volunteer-run, meaning all donations go straight to feeding a local child. 

How are we helping?

In addition to a team from TraceGains packing PowerSacks, we hosted a fundraiser at Marco's Coal-Fired Pizza for attendees of our annual user conference (TGCon) along with family and friends. Together we raised $2,800 to donate to Food For Thought. By hitting this goal, we can feed 500 children!

My colleagues and I are committed to a true partnership with Food For Thought, so this is just the beginning. Our team looks forward to continued partnerships with organizations like Food For Thought-Denver to support the children in our community.

Empowering the team to follow their charitable passions has been one of TraceGains' best decisions – it's led to happy employees and a deeper connection with our community. Learn more about the TraceGains culture here

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