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A Look Inside TraceGains Network

Denis Storey
June 1, 2021

Are you spending too much time searching for suppliers and ingredients?

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TraceGains Network

TraceGains Network allows food, beverage, and supplement professionals in R&D, procurement, quality, and regulatory departments to work with suppliers globally to safely bring new products to market faster.

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Marc Simony, Head of Product Strategy at TraceGains, shared some valuable insights into not only what TraceGains Network is, but, more importantly, what value it provides to both TraceGains customers and suppliers.

What is TraceGains Network?

TraceGains Network is the premier collaborative platform for the food and beverage industry. This unique and growing platform brings together an array of people from different parts of the food industry — from food and packaging suppliers, food manufacturers, and brokers to distributors, growers, and ranchers — plus grocery and restaurant retailers (to name a few).

People use TraceGains Network to exchange data, documents, and information to ensure compliance with industry mandates such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). We built TraceGains Network in cooperation with the industry. Getting input from industry leaders allowed us to reduce the amount of time people spent managing and satisfying documentation and information requests. For example, when you leverage TraceGains’ PostOnce® technology, it’s easy to fulfill multiple document requests with a single click of the mouse.

What value does TraceGains Network provide to customers?

FSQA [Food Safety and Quality Assurance] departments rarely get all the resources they need to manage the simple-to-ask-for but difficult-to-achieve goal of providing safe food for consumers. In today’s world, it’s even more complicated: consumer taste is in constant flux, the number of SKUs escalates exponentially, and product lifecycles have become shorter than ever. TraceGains customers have met this kind of scaling demand without the need to staff up linearly.

Also, since TraceGains brings so much automation to vendor document management, now people can do their jobs better — i.e., be truly proactive FSQA professionals — rather than being relegated to clerical and error-prone work. TraceGains continually helps companies meet their preventive mandate spelled out by FSMA. Plus, anyone who maintains a GFSI-approved certification program reaps the benefits — we can say this because so many customers tell us how much auditors love TraceGains. 

What value does TraceGains Network provide to suppliers?

Suppliers also benefit in several ways. First, customers now manage document requests — that means suppliers no longer have to track what has and hasn’t been done. Why? Because TraceGains Network provides every user with a simple to-do list, based on the document needs customers have issued. Suppliers also don’t have to relearn new interfaces or remember new passwords every time one of their customers selects TraceGains as their FSQA platform. With multiple inbound requests for the same document (but from different customers), these requests are handled with a straightforward upload into TraceGains Network. 

TraceGains also has taken the lead in designing standard industry questionnaires around common data requests between suppliers and customers.

And we continue to take input from our various customer advisory committees, which allows TraceGains to regularly update these questionnaires while keeping them in-sync with regulatory developments. Now, suppliers can fill out a form only once, regardless of how many TraceGains customers request the same data — and the entire community benefits.

If you want to get more information on TraceGains Network, visit our product page to see what it can do.