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TraceGains Names 2020 Community Award Winners

Denis Storey
May 14, 2020

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In advance of TGCon Live 2020, TraceGains' interactive, online user conference, TraceGains announced winners of the 2020 TraceGains Community Awards, which recognize customers and suppliers who drive innovation with TraceGains solutions.

"It's an honor to recognize the 2020 TraceGains Community Award winners and finalists when so many people in the industry are working overtime to ensure we're fed and cared for," TraceGains CEO Gary Nowacki said. "The award winners and finalists drive significant business value through exceptional use of TraceGains solutions and represent the best of the TraceGains community."

This year, Gary recognized finalists and winners through a LinkedIn video.

"While we can't bring everyone together in Denver as planned, we're excited to recognize the winners and finalists by carrying on a much-loved tradition," Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Annie Wissner added. "We're looking forward to continuing the celebration during our first virtual user conference in August."

2020 TraceGains Community Award Winners

The seventh annual awards highlight top TraceGains customers and suppliers who demonstrate exceptional use of TraceGains solutions and leadership in the community.

Collaboration Award: This honor acknowledges companies that have seamless collaboration across departments and with external supply chain partners through TraceGains solutions.

This year's Collaboration Award went to Katie Jantti, Janel Keep, Andrew Herndon, and Katelyn Ehrnman at Corbion. The Dutch company produces bioingredient-based foods, chemicals derived from organic acids, and lactic acid-based solutions for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. It's a model example of a true TraceGains partnership with their suppliers and internally with different departments. Corbion expanded TraceGains usage globally within the company to knock down silos while assembling a community built on shared knowledge. Team members have taken it upon themselves to share what they learn from TraceGains training by offering one-on-one support to their coworkers, ensuring everyone is trained and ready to act.   

Leadership Award: This award recognizes companies that have driven business transformation by integrating TraceGains solutions into the company culture.

The 2020 Leadership Award went to Tom Dubinski, Joe Pilewski, and Kyle Scalzo from Arizona Nutritional Supplements. A relatively new member of the TraceGains family, Arizona Nutritional Supplements, one of the country's leading dietary supplement manufacturers, hit the ground running by successfully implementing most of the TraceGains product suite. Tom, Kyle, and Joe championed the implementations in new and creative ways and have improved cross-functional collaboration across the company. 

TraceGains Power User Award: This accolade highlights users who've demonstrated an advanced and innovative implementation of TraceGains solutions.

This year's Power User Award went to Kim Wadino from SugarCreek Packing Co. Kim is a TraceGains force of nature, and in under a year, she had six facilities up and running on Quality Management, eliminating all paper processes at the company. Kim not only pushes her team toward excellence but the TraceGains team as well. Her feedback has led TraceGains to offer more validation and reporting capabilities.

TraceGains Network Award: This award highlights the dedication to using TraceGains Network to connect with customers and revolutionize the exchange of information.

Angela Echols and Kelsey Lang from Bay State Milling Co. took home the 2020 TraceGains Network Award. Bay State Milling has been a supplier since August 2015, with a large footprint in TraceGains Network and more than 60 connected customers and more than 11,500 documents. Angela and Kelsey have shown an enduring commitment to pursuing their TraceGains education to better serve their customers.

Retailer of the Year: The final award recognizes retail companies that have achieved the most significant number of connections and engagement on TraceGains Network.

Elaine Gartner and the team from Schnucks Markets earned the 2020 Retailer of the Year award. Elaine has managed a partnership with the Schnucks Center of Excellence and Digital Analytics teams to load 1,674 suppliers in the system, make more than 1,000 connections, and personally review at least 6,288 documents. This effort ensures Schnucks's continued compliance with food safety regulations. Additionally, Elaine and the Schnucks team have worked with TraceGains to improve retail customers' workflows and capabilities. Their work was instrumental in helping to develop better ways to onboard broker and distributor suppliers, allowing retailers to have a better view of their complete supply chain.

2020 TraceGains Community Award Finalists

TraceGains received a record number of nominations across five categories this year. The finalists included: 

Collaboration Award

  • American Nutrition Inc.
  • CROPP Cooperative/Organic Valley
  • Corbion

Leadership Award

  • Arizona Nutritional Supplements
  • Bellisio Foods
  • Lassonde Pappas & Co. Inc.

TraceGains Power User Award

  • JM Swank
  • Reily Foods Co.
  • SugarCreek Packing Co.

TraceGains Network Award

  • Bay State Milling Co.
  • Cargill
  • JM Swank
  • Rettenmaier USA

Retailer of the Year Award

  • Smart & Final
  • Schnucks Markets Inc.
  • Topco Associates

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