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TraceGains Embraces Supplements Industry with SIDI Functionality

Denis Storey
September 25, 2018

Automate Your Supply Chain: Does your food or supplement business struggle to find and manage high-quality suppliers, manage labels, or stay on top of regulatory requirements? TraceGains can help.

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If you could, would you want to electronically create and manage specifications, find and qualify suppliers, scorecard them instantly, and quickly find items that match specifications, compare COAs to lab results, easily manage label claims, and know all documentation is up-to-date?

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The dietary supplement industry’s self-regulatory coalition, the SIDI Work Group, rolled out the latest version of its Standardized Information on Dietary Ingredients (SIDI) Protocol in September 2018.

This is the third update to the 12-year-old protocol, a series of voluntary guidelines for nutritional supplement stakeholders, and it incorporates new FSMA requirements, among other improvements. The new guidelines also “include additional examples of the type of information that could be offered for dietary ingredients, including safety studies and history of safe use data, and information on sourcing and sustainability.”

The SIDI Protocol helps dietary supplement “stakeholders satisfy cGMP requirements by establishing a standard format for communicating crucial information so that a manufacturer can properly assess a supplier’s suitability as a provider of raw materials.”

The SIDI Work Group is a coalition of dietary supplement trade groups and expert volunteer member company representatives. The trade association’s members include the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, the Council for Responsible Nutrition, and the United Natural Products Alliance.

TraceGains has updated its standard forms to incorporate data common to the SIDI protocol to ensure companies meet supplement industry requirements.

These standard forms are the backbone of TraceGains Network, which includes more than 10,000 suppliers operating in more than 30,000 locations across more than 100 countries worldwide. The Network also features a growing library of over 1 million discoverable documents.

TraceGains makes life easy for suppliers, who can work within a single standard user interface for many of their customers, completing forms once and leveraging PostOnce® technology to share them with all their customers automatically.

Manufacturers, on the other hand, can use TraceGains Network to map their supplier locations and quickly discover new ingredient sources and suppliers. 

TraceGains has standardized the way that suppliers and manufacturers share qualification and regulatory information. Whether it’s to incorporate SIDI protocol standards for dietary supplement companies or to leverage best practices from more than 250 food, beverage, and supplement customers, TraceGains reduces the administrative burden by implementing standard formats and templates for sharing information. Not only does TraceGains standardize information, but the company is also digitizing data shared in the qualification process to allow businesses the ability to create reporting and dashboards to gain powerful insight into the state of their supplier and ingredient compliance.

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