Supply Chain Disruptions Plague the EU, UK Markets

As the world’s economies crawl out from under the shadow of the pandemic, no country – or region – has been able to escape supply chain issues, inflationary pressure, and the repercussions of geological conflict.

UK Food and Beverage Companies Struggle with HFSS

As if UK food and beverage retailers didn’t face enough challenges in the new year – between supply chain sclerosis and a depleted labour pool – these companies must fundamentally change how they do business to comply with recent legislation that...

Supply Chain Chaos Sends Companies Scrambling

American manufacturing has been outsourcing production overseas for so long that “Made in China” labels are as pervasive as price tags.

Tate & Lyle Names 2022 Food and Beverage Trends

With more pressing concerns – such as transport ships stuck at ports, climbing ingredient prices, and nagging labor issues – it’s easy to think brands might be overlooking longer-term goals, such as new product development.

A Perfect Storm Slams U.K. Supply Chain

As the Delta variant drives the third wave of global infections, the United Kingdom faces a “pingdemic” after the National Health Service’s contact-tracing app has “pinged” nearly 2 million citizens with a call to self-isolate.