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    TGCon 2016 Recap: Presentations from Experts, Peers, and Many More

    With the summer weather finally starting to show, day two of TGCon 2016 began! Maybe it was the bright, sunny morning or the anticipation for the presentations to come, but customers were in high spirits as they filed into the conference room. Conference day promised a series of presentations from TraceGains VPs, FDA experts and TraceGains customers.

    Live from TGCon 2016: Utilizing TraceGains' Software and the Future of FSMA

    Although the summer weather isn’t here quite yet in Colorado, TraceGains’ Customer Conference and Training has arrived! For the next two days, customers will learn how they can best utilize the software as well as network with their industry peers and learn how they have used TraceGains in their day-to-day operations.