Look for TraceGains at Expo West

As much as we’re all thrilled to be getting back to something resembling normal – as evidenced by our triumphant return to Expo West – it’s clear we still face a host of challenges.

A Look Inside TraceGains Network

Marc Simony, Head of Product Strategy at TraceGains, shared some valuable insights into not only what TraceGains Network is, but, more importantly, what value it provides to both TraceGains customers and suppliers.

Data Kinks in the Supply Chain

From antibiotics to television to the Internet, technology has worked wonders at making our lives easier, richer, and longer. But there’s always a price. It can take the form of harmful side effects, infomercials, or pop-up ads.

Product Development: Start with the End in Mind

Kimberly Schaub is a senior product development scientist who, most recently, worked with Bulletproof 360, a company that makes coffee and tea products.

CPG Companies Push for Greater Diversity, Inclusion

Historically, doing good in business was the exception, not the rule. Today, though, consumers want more than just affordable or top-quality products – or both. They want food made by workers who earn a living wage. They want drinks produced...

Why Suppliers Should Watch TGCon Live 2020 On-Demand

Suppliers in the food, supplements, and CPG space that build trust with customers win more business. 

You Can Pay Lip Service or Deliver Real Service

At TraceGains, we know the job isn’t done until our customers have their data. Just selling software doesn’t cut it. And while we have an excellent customer success team, our focus on supplier success is equally intense. Because if our customers’...

TraceGains Staff Walk the Plant Floor

It’s one thing to develop a product or service in response to a need in the marketplace. It’s quite another to see it in action.