GRAS: A Detailed Breakdown

REJIMUS is a preeminent regulatory management consulting firm powering companies in the Food, Animal Feed, Dietary Supplements, Cosmetic, and Homeopathic industries. REJIMUS helps companies improve profitability and drive sales while enhancing...

GRAS: What It Is and Why Should You Care

Is the GRAS always greener on the other side? It can be if manufacturers use specific additives to make it that way. GRAS, the acronym for "Generally Recognized as Safe," is a hot topic right now, but many don’t quite understand the basics.

Sensient Flavors & Fragrances Talks Regulatory Affairs

Penny Marsh, global director of regulatory compliance at Sensient Flavors & Fragrances, had earned two master’s degrees — one in Jurisprudence in Global Food Law from Michigan State University — when she decided she needed a new challenge. So, she...

5 Ways to Make Audits Easier

Audits are serious business, wrought with regulations to remember, policies and procedures to follow, and documents to organize and analyze. Traditionally, food, beverage, and supplement manufacturers and distributors endured months of pre-audit...

3 Potential Failure Points That Could Lead to Undeclared Allergens

Undeclared allergens were the second-leading cause of recalls in the United States in 2019, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which can lead to significant consumer health issues, scrap costs, and sourcing problems. Extraneous...

Keeping Dairy Safe

Instances of food contamination and allergic reactions have become all too common when the technology and regulations put in place to prevent them have never been more robust. 

Canada Tightens Food Safety Laws

Canadians can eat a little more comfortable with the implementation of a pair of new food safety laws that replace more than a dozen outdated sets of regulations.

What Do Consumers Look for in Food Labels?

Consumer Reports posed the question to its readers: What is natural, and what does it mean on a food label? This question is on a lot of people’s minds these days. To gain insight into the intricacies of this issue, the Consumer Reports National...

Menu and Vending Labeling: Frequently Asked Questions

Even after the FDA published the final rules for menu and vending labeling, questions persisted about what was covered, what’s wasn’t, and who must comply. To help achieve some clarity, TraceGains spoke with food policy and regulation expert Beth...

The New Lean State at Berner Foods Driven by Technology

Berner Food & Beverage Inc. is best known as “a private label supplier of quality food and beverage products to most of the top retail chains across all trade channels.”