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    Food Contact Packaging: Quality and Safety Considerations

    As we all know, producing safe food is job number one in the food manufacturing industry. Food safety is critical to not only protect your customers, but also to gain trust from your customers and potential customers. This plays a major role in business survival, as your brand, and what people perceive it to be, is the economic driver and is among one of the most important assets you have.

    Food Safety and Packaging: What Do CPGs Expect of Suppliers?

    Packaging materials are part of the food processors’ ingredient list, so it only makes sense that they should be treated the same as any substance when it comes to food safety. Whether you sell equipment, raw materials, converted packaging, services or just about anything else that supports the food industry, you need to have the mindset that at some point in the downstream supply chain, you are part of the food industry, and that food packaging should be treated with the same food safety rigor as food materials.