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    Natural Claims Might Be Getting a Makeover

    Earlier this month, the FDA announced that it is now opening the topic of natural labeling for public comments. This comes on the heels of three Citizen Petitions requesting the FDA define the term “natural” for use in food labeling, and one Citizen Petition asking that the agency prohibit the term “natural” on food labels.

    Coffee Talk with Antonio Gallegos: Why All the Fuss about "Natural" Food Claims?

    As Americans become more health-conscious and the demand increases for healthy and natural foods, food manufacturers must walk the line between making all natural product claims and being 100% truthful in their statements. What defines "natural" anyway? How can food manufacturers know with certainty that their "natural" claims are truthful? 

    To answer this question, we asked Antonio Gallegos, Of Counsel at Greenberg Traurig, LLP, to address the question, Why all the fuss about "Natural" food claims?