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    Lean Manufacturing and Food Safety: Eliminating Waste with Lean Production Flow

    CPGs (consumer packaged goods), especially those within the food industry, operate on thin margins. Saving waste in food production of one percent can shift the profitability paradigm quickly. For this reason, the practice of lean manufacturing, which started in the automotive arena, has fully invaded food manufacturing best practices.

    Food and Color: What Does It All Mean?

    Every year, Pantone Color Institute® releases a new Color of the Year (CoY), which can be seen in everything from fashion to décor to design. And in December of 2014, Marsala was revealed as 2015’s CoY.  

    Millennials Are Changing the Food Industry: What This Means for Food Manufacturers

    We’ve all heard the latest trends regarding that hard-to-reach audience we’ve dubbed the Millennials (those born roughly between the years 1980 and the early 2000s). And with so many how-to articles out there, it’s hard to really understand who these folks are and what they want.

    What's Frustrating Food Manufacturers?

    As the ever-changing landscape of the food supply chain industry evolves, more and more food manufacturers are becoming frustrated with certain pieces to the audit puzzle. 

    A Competitive Advantage for Food Manufacturers

    Research shows and experts agree that implementing purchasing collaboration and accounts payable automation are priorities for mid-market food manufacturing companies. 

    Election Day 2014: Let Your Voice Be Heard - Vote on GMO Labeling

    Of the numerous items on the ballot this election day, some could have a direct effect on members of the food industry in Colorado and Oregon. Both of these states have ballot initiatives that, if passed, would require the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Whether you support or oppose GMO labeling, there’s no doubt that the issue is complex and requires a closer look.