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    American Baker's Association (ABA) Convened in Denver, CO to Discuss Key Issues

    More than 60 members of the American Baker’s Association (ABA) gathered in Denver this week for the summer Federal Technical and Regulatory Affairs Committee (FTRAC) meeting.

    GRAS: A Detailed Breakdown

    GRAS is definitely a hot topic as of late, especially with the the FDA’s recent determination on artificial trans fat. In our recent webinar, "GRAS: What Does It Really Mean for You and Your Company", Jim Lassiter, COO of Ingredient Identity, breakdowns GRAS and helps you understand the processes involved when preparing for GRAS determinations. Here are a few key takeaways.

    [Webinar] GRAS: What Does It Really Mean for You and Your Company

    GRAS, and not the green stuff you see in parks, is front and center in the food industry news stream right now, especially with the FDA's determination regarding partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs). PHOs, the primary dietary source of artificial trans fat in processed foods, have been determined to not be “generally recognized as safe” for use in human food. Food manufacturers that use PHOs in their products now have three years remove them. Might there be a similar fate for additional ingredients and additives that have previously been determined to be GRAS? 

    GRAS: What Is It and Why Should You Care

    Is the GRAS always greener on the other side? It can be if manufacturers use certain additives to make it that way. GRAS, the acronym for Generally Recognized as Safe, is a hot topic right now, but there are quite a few folks out there that don’t quite understand what it is and what the future holds for GRAS.