Food Safety and Quality Assurance 2016: The Year of Impeding Regulations

    The third annual TraceGains’ FSQA professional survey has come to a close and reveals critical insights into the current priorities, challenges, and overall status of FSQA professionals in the United States.

    2016 Food Safety & Quality Assurance Professionals Survey

    Every year, Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) professionals are faced with new opportunities and often new challenges. In 2015, FSQA professionals reported audit readiness and FSMA compliance as top priorities. Are these your priorities in...

    2015 TraceGains Food Safety and Quality Assurance Survey Results

    Every year, we put together a survey to poll the professionals from food manufacturing, processing, and distribution to get the inside scoop on what’s happening in the food supply chain industry, and to understand what some of the challenges are...

    It's Better to Be Safe Than Sorry: Thoughts on Food Safety and Quality

    Food safety and quality are set to be very hot topics this year as more of the Food Safety Modernization Act rules come into effect, and concerns grow about safety from ingredients sourced overseas. 

    Ingredients Found in Successful Food Safety and Quality Assurance Professionals

    Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) professionals are the gatekeepers for incoming inventory, responsible for ensuring that out of spec ingredients never make it to the production floor. Although each food manufacturing plant may vary in...

    2015 FSQA Professional Survey

    Every year, Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) professionals are faced with new opportunities and, often, new challenges. In 2014, FSQA professionals reported FSMA compliance, audit readiness, and process improvement as top priorities. Are...

    The Qualities Needed for Food Quality Managers

    The vast SKU proliferation much discussed in the past year has yielded more than a million new food products in assorted sizes, shapes, colors, packaging configurations, and each has introduce another opportunity to contaminate food safety.


    Coffee Talk with Gary Nowacki: How Has Big Data Affected Food Safety and Quality?

    Big Data is not a new term, nor is it a new concept for those of us in the business world. By definition, "big data" refers to "data sets that are too large and complex to manipulate or interrogate with standard methods or tools." Like many...


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