Revisiting 2021 Food, Beverage, and Supplement Trends

From a renewed emphasis on supply chain transparency to the rise of plant-based proteins, 2021 promised sweeping changes to the CPG business as the world’s economies sought to bounce back from a year lost to a global pandemic.

Food, Beverage, and Supplements 2021 Innovation Trends

From supply chain transparency to all things plant-based, we've compiled a list of food, beverage, and dietary supplement trends shaping product innovation in 2021.

Snacking Soared in 2020 and Top Food Brands Took Notice

As consumers spent more time at home during the pandemic, snack sales grew 8%. An NPD Group survey found 35% of consumers wanted enough snack foods on hand during quarantine, with a preference for salty snacks and frozen sweets.

Achieve Risk-Free Formula Management with Four Tips

Managing compliance for ingredients, suppliers, label claims, and so much more can be a bottleneck to accelerating formulation and bringing new products to market quickly. 

Five Ways Networked Formula Management Drives Innovation

Shifting regulations, evolving preferences, and disrupted supply chains have made it harder for companies to innovate.