Can Brokers Survive the Supply Chain Data Crisis?

Today’s food supply chain is truly a global network. Experts figure that about $14 trillion worth of food makes its way through the chain every year.

Recipes for a Successful PCQI Team

One of the biggest problems that I’m seeing right now is that the actual development of the Food Safety Plan is there but for some reason, the actual team and the execution is weak. I’m not seeing a lot of good cross-functional participation when...

Risk Assessment: Is Your Supply Chain Compliant?

Consider how transformative it would be if food, beverage, and dietary supplement manufacturers and brand owners could, with the click of a button, have access to the compliance status of all of their suppliers and their materials. Companies...

Trump Proposes Food Safety Agency

Between the headlines and the tweets, it can be a challenge to keep up with the Trump Administration. One story that might have been lost in the shuffle earlier this month was an administration proposal to reorganize several federal agencies –...

Congress Losing Patience with FDA Over Labels

Maybe it’s the Food and Drug Administration’s reluctance to commit to a deadline. Or maybe it’s just a group of politicians who simply see an opportunity. Either way, Congress appears poised to make a move on nutrition labels.

FDA Offers New Guidance on Nutrition Facts

The endless debate over the not-so-new-anymore Nutrition Facts label took an unexpected turn March 1 when the Food and Drug Administration announced new guidance on a few of the finer points of the redesigned labels. The FDA weighed in on added...

FSMA Enforcement Delay Stirs Controversy

When federal regulators ask for comments to proposed rule changes, it’s a lot like a game of Marco Polo – with 300 million swimmers. Commenters either drown the agency with a flood of conflicting opinions or they barely cause a ripple.