Friday Food News: National GMO Label, Subway’s Chickens, and Sick Food Workers

From the Senate Agriculture Committee holding a hearing to chat about GMO labeling to a new study indicating food workers sick on the job, below are some interesting reads from this week:

Friday Food News: New GMOs, Impossible Foods, Public’s Food Safety Opinions

From new genome editing for GMOs to meat that’s not really meat at all, below are some interesting reads from this week:

A New Flavor Ingredient Library

As consumers become more aware of what is going into the food they are putting into their bodies, they are increasingly looking for ways to do their own research regarding certain ingredients. Not only are they expecting companies to be more...

2015 Flavors Deeply Rooted in Asian Culture

The World of Flavors issued by the Culinary Institute of America recently reported some of the flavor trends for 2015 will be rooted in Asian cuisine. But the ability to monitor the ingredients for these authentic and innovative flavors requires...

4 Major Considerations for Natural Flavor Conversion

Converting from synthetic to natural flavor in confections involves a "complex balancing act of natural flavor to the other requirements such as cost, cost-in-use, and the degree to which to want to match your current profile." Each flavor has...


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